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  • Apple: iPhone
    The official Apple iPhone page. Offers exclusive insight into the device, how it was built and why it's among the top rated smartphones out there. Technical specs can also be viewed, along with options for ordering and buying the phone.

  • Wikipedia: Smartphones EP
    The official wiki page for smartphones. Includes general characteristics for the devices, their history and possible future developments.

  • Nokia: Smartphones
    Page features all products Nokia has to offer, starting with smartphone, cell phone and even tablets. Detailed information based on country is also available.

  • Phone Finder UK
    Helping it's users finding information about numbers, comment and ratings.

  • Samsung: Smartphones
    Page from where you can choose your country, get info on your favorite phones and then view a list of places where you can buy the phones from.

  • Sony: Smartphones
    Official page of Sony's selection of featured smartphones. Offers details on each selection, including technical specs and elaborate descriptions.

Smartphones Web Directory

Even though smartphones have been around since 1993, people nowadays often take the technology cramped into them for granted. The history of the smartphone is a very interesting one, as it shows just how much human-developed technologies can completely reshape the way we interact with the world around us and, most importantly, with each other.

The Simon Personal Communicator is the first commercially available device which was made available to the general public. It featured a touch screen and, besides the basic phone functionality, it could send and receive emails and fax messages.

But in terms of the very first "smartphone", the Ericsson R380 was the one to hold the title when it was coined back in 2000. It had PDA features and you could even browse the internet, although it was a pretty limited experience.

In terms of mass production and worldwide success, the first device was the iPhone developed and created by Apple Inc. It featured a multi-touch interface, a much larger touchscreen than those before it, a virtual keyboard and was running on a proprietary mobile OS. Android-based systems soon followed suit with the HTC Dream. Today, the vast majority of smartphones employ either Android or iOS as operating systems.

Given that innovation in the smartphone industry has moved rather quickly, who knows what we can expect from future devices? Better connection speeds, remote battery recharging and even devices which can use the sun's power to recharge themselves are already expected on the smartphone market. Last, but not least, screens on these rather small devices keep getting better and better, employing the latest technology trends used in high-end computer screens and TVs.

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