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How To Overcome The Algorithm Of Google Penguin Update

Does your site ranking decrease? Be careful, your site may be affected by the google penguin update. Google penguin is a new algorithm which was created to enhance the work of the of google panda. This algorithm was launched on 24 April 2012 to fight webspam.

The Characteristic Of Webspam

– Doing the excessive keyword repetition
Websites that make excessive repetition of keywords is intended to be easily indexed by search engines. But this is very detrimental to the user because will be read the sentence awkward and seem not informative.

– Contain too many hidden text and link are irrelevant
In the past the use of the hidden text can improve the ranking of the website. But now it is considered as spam by google.

– Using the generated code to put picture
It is also not favored by google. By generated code, a site can display different types of image automatically. We recommended that you install images manually, so it is not impressed spam.

– Too many pages contain link to outside
Your page has too much advertising links with the same keyword. This causes the link out too much and could be considered as spam. Google does not like it because it is not balanced with the content.

– The keyword are irrelevant with the content
Since the beginning, google did not like the keywords that are not relevant to the content. It is very disappointing the reader, because finding inappropriate content.

– Using a link farm, the font is too small, cloaking, scrapper sites, ect.

How To Know The Site Affected By Google Penguin

To find out whether your site affected by google penguin update or not, you can use google analytics. Pay attention to the statistics of visitors since the date 24 April 2012. If the number of visitors to your site dropped drastically, it means your site affected by google penguin.

How To Overcome Google Penguin?

– Create original content and high quality

Google penguin love unique content and high quality. The quality content is relevant to your domain, informative and useful for your reader. Do not use automated software to create content, because it is very risky. If you can not make a quality content, you can offer other writers to be a guest blogger on your site. You also can buy the article on the various freelance site that serve the content creation.

– Avoid duplicate content

Duplicate content is usually created by copying content from other sites. This very detrimental to the owner of the site concerned. If you are too often create duplicate content, your site could potentially banned by google.

– Keyword density should be below 2%
In the past, keyword repetition can increase the page rank. But now it can lower the rangkings your site. Keywords that are too dense, it can be regarded as spam.

– Reduce the number of links that potentially considered as spam

By removing the link is considered as spam, you can secure the site from the impact of google penguin update.

– Use the google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tools are very useful for detecting the health of a website. This tool is able to clean the things that can hurt your site.


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