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  • EasyUni: Study Abroad
    An online university and college directory that provides information about universities and colleges in 22 countries for different courses.

  • Expert Research and Data Analysis Help
    Offers professional research and data analysis services, including qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Free Test Papers
    Huge collection of free downloadable Primary, Secondary and JC test papers from top schools in Singapore. Free Primary, PSLE, Secondary, N level, O level, A Level, Prelim and JC Exam Papers.

  • Life Purpose Institute
    Life Purpose Institute offers ICF-Accredited Programs, both online and in-person. We certify individuals in becoming Life Coaches! Contact us to schedule your first training session.

    Offers articles for prospective seminary and divinity school students as well as an informative directory of seminaries and divinity schools.

    Provides listings of popular financial aid opportunities for current college students.

  • Tutorfair
    A community of personal tutors who give private tutoring. Users can find a tutor in their local area who can give you home tuition, and book your tutorial online.

    Get math tutor online 24*7. Improve your grades. Connect one-on-one with tutor anytime, anywhere from home, library or even cafe.

  • Adult Learning Activities
    Aims to increase access to learning services that address adults. Offers information about distance learning and lists colleges that offer online degrees. Active in California.

  • Capstone Project and Dissertation Writing Services
    Offers professional writing of proposals, dissertations, capstone projects, research papers, and statistical data analysis.

    Offers its visitors the possibility to conduct college searches that are free of charge. Provides information about adult education, college rankings and financial aid.

  • Columbia Southern University
    Offers a series of distance learning programs that include classes and courses for professionals who want a degree in criminal justice, human resources, public relations and more.

  • Edupoint
    Online portal that provides news in regard to education and counseling. Allows its users to search by region for classes and courses that are intended for working adults.

  • Essay Chat
    A place to discuss the academic essay writing and research business. Free classified ads, writing services reviews, and testimonials from students are allowed.

  • Essay Scam
    Offers academic writing and research advice for students, freelance writers, and essay service providers. Provides tips and warnings about common writing scams.

  • Essay Talk
    Helping visitors to find out who professional academic writers really are by studying their interviews where they discuss their working history, past experiences, and research ideas.

  • ExploreLearning
    Subscription-based online educational resource for kids. Interactive website that helps children learn math and science. For kids between grades 6 and 12. There is a 30 day free trial period.

  • Inside Higher Ed
    Online resource that offers information and news, as well as career advice, opinions and services in regard to higher education choices for young adults and people who are already working, but are looking for a specialization.

  • Kovacs Consulting
    Offers web-based and teacher-led training programs for librarians and information professionals who are looking for continuing education and professional training.

  • National Extension College
    Registered educational charity that offers home study courses that address people of all ages. Supports learners in achieving qualifications. UK based.

  • Online Degrees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships
    Provides information about 180 accredited colleges and universities that offer online degrees. Users are presented with links to scholarship searches that are free of charge.

  • Research Writing Desk
    Provides professional research writing and editing of theses, dissertations, and capstone projects to bachelors, masters, and PhD students.

  • Super Teacher Worksheets
    Print tens of thousands of worksheets for all school topics. Subjects featured on this site include reading, spelling, mathematics, and science. Teachers can print worksheets and other useful resources.

  • United States Distance Learning Association
    Nonprofit national organization that provides information with regards to distance learning. Offers advocacy, networking, course information and distance education opportunities.

  • Universal Class
    Offers a variety of online courses to individuals who are seeking professional and personal development. Provides links to instructor-led, as well as self-paced classes and courses.

  • Virtual University
    Online class and course provider that addresses both students and adults. Offers two to six weeks courses in creative writing, computers and technology and various other topics.

Education Web Directory

Education is a method of transmitting knowledge across generations and to different societies. Most education is done in institutions, schools or other structured learning systems. Some education is done by families in the home, or by organized groups such as churches or social organizations like Scouting. Education is conducted by teachers, programmed learning systems, or person to person. Other education is accomplished by the learned, working alone.

Subjects for education include reading, writing, mathematics, geography, science, language, and social studies. There are educational courses for all ages, including babies. A web directory is a good place to start to find particular education interests from a large variety of educational resources. For shopping & E-commerce websites, education is a business. They can sell books, workbooks, reference materials, writing instruments, papers, calculators, computers, and other equipment used in education.

There are education specialties, such as zoology, biology, computer science, astrophysics, law and other areas of study. All require some organized information, in books, on computer disc or DVD, CDs, or online information. Many colleges use online resources and teaching programs as part of their coursework in hybrid classes that are conducted partially in class and partially online.

Every business man or well known wealthy celebrity passed through an educational process when young, because they needed a basic package of information to help them on their ways through life. The only way to have a decent life and make a name for yourself is to have at least the minimum of information in every field, from mathematics and physics to music and history. Besides this, it is essential to try to achieve as much information as you possibly can. When going to college, most students choose a subject that they are interested in: foreign languages, politics, geography etc, and they try to be the best at what they`re doing.

People say that the pupils nowadays don`t get the same education in school as they used to a couple of decades ago. New teaching methods have turned out to be very efficient but on the other hand, parents say that the educational system allows their children to be too liberal and the quality of the information offered has significantly reduced throughout years. One thing is for sure: the education changes according to the society, for instance there have been introduced IT courses for students since the development of computers.

It is said that one will never stop learning until the end of days, because nobody is so wise that he can know everything. Methods used in education vary from country to country, for instance in some countries pupils are being taught from 8 to 3, while in others they stay at school until their parents get back from work or until they finish their homework, so they can enjoy their spare time afterward.

Education is for everyone of all ages, as it is never too late to learn. Special courses are available to teach skills such as knitting, sewing, drawing and painting, or child care, and others. Formal education is conducted by societies in organized and governed schools, with teachers and administrators. Mail order and online teaching is available for remote learning. Much education is compulsory, for example, from age six to sixteen in the United States is normally mandatory. For young children, child care education classes and preschool is offered. Secondary education is for older children, and higher education is for those who are adults.