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4 Solid Natural Link Building Methods

With the new Google updates link building has become much more difficult. There are new strategies in place to help link build in a safe manner. However, there are also a ton of them out there that are not very safe and may in fact do harm to your website. Below we will be talking about proven ways to naturally link build in a safe manner.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to naturally build link to your site. When you use another companies of individuals site where you guest blog onto, you will have the ability to provide your site links and thus start gaining traction to your search engine rankings. When guest blogging all of your post must be well written and individualized so that you do not receive duplicate content penalty. After you have posted an article, take that article link and post it to forums so different webmasters all over the world can see your content. Guest blogging can save you money and generate higher quality natural links so you can gain rankings on the search engines.

Social Media

Using the different social media platforms you will have the ability to obtain natural links to any given website . Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular social media outlets today. There are many different way to use social media but if you just create a page and post unique content on the different social media outlets people will start linking to your company page. Social media does have the ability to help boost traffic and ranking when it is properly used.

Web Directories

The oldest but still efficient link building techniques is will web directories. There are different types of directories some are free and some are paid. These are probably the easiest and most efficient way to link build however they can be over used and cause penalties. A web directory is a listing of websites of organized by different categories. These directories are for users to find different services, products, and companies. If you submit your site to a web directory it will not only receive a link but also it will generate traffic.

Press Releases

Press releases are used for many different things such as promoting products, services, and news for that matter. Press releases are a great way to build natural links, however they also need to have unique, engaging, and upbeat information about your product, service or event. Having a well written press release can generate traffic and people will naturally share your content. In that case they are just like web directories and will bring traffic and link juice to your site.


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