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Photos and Videos – How They Can Help You In Marketing

In the new age of marketing, there are two resources which stand out from the crowd. Photos and videos. They’re incredibly useful. The time of long-winded paragraphs is over. The new generation isn’t interested in that. They don’t want to be reading posts online. They want photos and videos. Engaging and dynamic new ways to promote a product.

Short bursts of information about a new service are the way forward. But how can they help you? Not everyone knows how to use them to their full effect. The exact methods for using photos and videos aren’t always apparent. We’re going to help you figure it out.

Photos And Videos – The Real Benefits

So, you’ve got an excellent online presence. A website which is fully kitted out with SEO. Social media profiles which all link back to your site.

A vast audience who are receptive and reactive. What are you missing? What would make this better? The answer is something that not everyone uses appropriately. Photos and videos. Look at it like this. Your website has done its job. So has the social media. They’ve all driven traffic to your site. The interest of your audience has been captured. But, there’s one drawback. This attention isn’t permanent. People aren’t going to stay interested enough to buy for long. So what do you do? How do you keep an audience engaged enough to make a purchase?

This is where photos and videos come in. They do what text just can’t do. They convey messages quickly and efficiently. They can sell a product in a short space of time. And that’s incredibly important. In the world of instant gratification, speed is key. We don’t want to read a two page article about a service. Why would you, when there’s a two minute video? In marketing, you have to know how to distribute resources. You have to know where and how to use them. If you can’t do that, you’ll find succeeding a lot harder. There’s no point getting people on the site if they lose interest.

The benefits of a photo or a video are obvious. They’re quick. They’re easy to follow. And they’re also dynamic and engaging. We pay more attention to pictures. Videos attract attention in a way that words don’t. Information is put across promptly and succinctly. It also creates another level of familiarity.

When we see actual people, it’s easier to trust something. Any faceless organisation can write two pages of promotion. But that won’t make people trust you. That won’t encourage people to buy. When we talk about marketing campaigns, we remember photos. We say “remember that one advert with the ____?” Or, “did you see that video about _____?”

So, How Do I Use Photos And Videos?

Using photos and videos isn’t that difficult. It just requires you to think like a customer. What would you want to see when you go on a website? Paragraphs of text or a video? What’s going to leave a more lasting impression? This is how you find the best places to use videos and photos. They can be put on your website.

They can be used in social media. Instagram and Snapchat were basically made for photos and videos. The smart marketer knows about these changes. They know that a well-placed photo makes a big difference. They know the value of a video on the homepage of a website. For example, Google implement animations into their logo.

As a form of visual aid, it’s pretty memorable. Think about the adverts and campaigns that you remember. Where they bright and engaging? Was it a collection of videos and photos? Chances are, they were. It’s what people respond to nowadays. Quick bursts of information that tell you everything in two minutes. Photos that make you laugh and make you remember. Essays about your product? That’s not quite effective anymore. It’s too much effort to read for the average customer.

Overall, there’s a lot of value to photos and videos.

For marketing, they’re a precious resource. You can do so much with them if you know how. The thing about photos and videos is that they’re the modern information system. People use videos and photos to learn information quickly. They’re dynamic and compelling.

They can be rewatched over and over. And they’re easily shared too. That’s a vital part of any kind of marketing plan. How easily can your content be shared? Videos and photos are easy to share. Nearly all social media platforms allow for reshaping of content. This means that your videos and photos caMore and more people can see them. That’s a very valuable characteristic. When the objective is to reach as many people as you can, videos are good. They’re an easy way to get a message across quickly.


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