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How can inbound marketing result in more traffic for your website

Inbound marketing is a collaboration of many different methods used to direct more traffic to your website. It is a combination of SEO, paid search, social media and content marketing all trying to enhance a business’s conversion rate optimisation. This article will highlight four methods used within inbound marketing and how those methods result in more traffic for your business.

Content marketing

Generating powerful and engaging content is crucial to the success of your online marketing campaign. Having a carefully structured content marketing campaign can benefit the traffic generated to your website in numerous ways. One way it can have a positive effect on your website’s traffic levels is if you create a unique piece of content that adds something new to the subject. This will then become valued by other people on the web and they will go to that piece of content for information meaning your website.

Content marketing can also be used to generate back links for your website, which in turn generates traffic to the website. Through the process of guest posting the content you publish can then feature on other sites. That content can then feature an anchor text that links to your website. This will create more traffic either through it ranking higher in the search engines or through people clicking on that link and going straight to your website.


Search engine optimisation still plays a pivotal role in directing traffic to your website. This tactic is primarily used to generate more links to your website. This tactic can be used with your content marketing plan. By using SEO within your content marketing plan it means you accurately target keyword terms that are searched by other internet users. By using Google’s keyword tool it allows you to see what is actively searched. Once you have identified that term you can then target it as your anchor text and base your content marketing strategy around a certain number of terms.

Remember to try and target primary keywords, secondary keywords and general terms. This all makes it appear more natural to Google and other search engines.

Social media

You should use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook , YouTube and Google Plus, to promote all of your content and website. Through promoting your content online it sends the right signals to Google and other search engines. It can also act as referral traffic for your website and direct convertible traffic to your website.

Pay per click advertising is a great way to direct traffic to your website. Through the use of remarketing a PPC campaign can target those who are actively searching a particular keyword. This is why it is vital that you carry out your research and use Google’s keyword tool because you do not want to be ranking for irrelevant terms.

Conversion rate optimisation

Through the use of all the above tactics it enables you to enhance your conversion rate optimisation. Conversion rate optimisation is the single most important statistic of any website looking to make a profit. If your website does not convert leads into sales then it is not serving its purpose. Through the use of inbound marketing it allows your website to target leads that are more likely to convert.

By using SEO it means you are targeting a relevant audience because you are focusing on a particular search term. Through the use of content marketing it means you are making both attractive and relevant content with all the keywords inserted.

Social media then underpins that content and ensures that traffic is delivered to either that post or your website. Finally, PPC ensures traffic to your website that cannot be targeted through organic search results because some people prefer to click on advertisements. Through targeted PPC it enables your website to gain traffic that is highly convertible. Through the use of all these tactics it ensures that your inbound marketing efforts create more convertible traffic for your website.



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