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Write an ebook, promote it and make money online

Having a great ebook to sell right now is one of the best ways to lift your online income to staggering heights. You can make money online with one or several ebooks. Audio and video products are extremely popular in the online money making niche, but even so, ebooks have a place of their own. Why do you think this is?

Well, from my point of view, ebooks provide their readers with a fast and easy way to learn about a certain topic. Almost anyone could write and ebook and do you know why?

Because you don’t have to be an expert on a certain type of subject to provide some useful information. However, you should have a high degree of interest in that subject, but as I stated before, you don’t have to be an expert.

The one thing you have to know is how to help your targeted audience find the information it is looking for and then give it away. By giving that information you gain your customer’s trust and thus become the person they’re likely to buy from. That’s how you can turn an ebook into a sales machine.

They reach distances you could never imagine and work as a magnet of customers for you. Making money online is a complex business that requires time, effort and involvement.

Ok, so how could you write your first ebook and place it on the market in the shortest possible time? I’d recommend you to start with the private label rights articles.

After that you can have your ebook ready in just a few hours. Private label rights materials give you lots of prewritten information on almost every topic that you can imagine.

This can save you a lot of time, time you would otherwise spend researching and writing on your topic of choice. Start with a bunch of PLR articles and rephrase them rather than starting from scratch.

Now, where to find those PLR articles, right? There are many places on the Internet. This can be done either as part of a subscription or in small article packs.

Don’t expect to find an article gold mine! Most of those articles are in fact trash. And to prove that I’m not contradicting myself, here’s one resource I find very useful and trustworthy.

That’s why one of my favorite PLR sites is PLR Minimart. Whether you choose to use articles from this site or another one, just make sure to use high quality articles. This will actually ensure that you provide your customers with a lot more than they asked for.

Your purpose is to make your ebook one that stands out. It has to be something that customers tell their friends and business partners about. It’s just another way to create customer loyalty and build a good reputation online.

The point to all this is to start with good PLR articles from the beginning. Don’t forget to give them your own unique touch. After your ebook is done, look for 4-5 affiliate programs and include the links throughout the ebook. Don’t overdo it.

The last thing you want is your ebook to become one big sales pitch. Let the affiliate links add more value, not take it away.You’ll have to convert your ebook into a PDF document. It’ll be easier to be read by its buyers online. This one is a free PDF converter.

The final touch to your ebook would be to make it look professional. If you’re not familiar with graphics you’ll want to hire a good designer to give your ebook a nicely polished look. Just google ecover designs or something similar and find a company you like. The important thing is that you use a cover to increase the perceived value of your ebook.

Once you’re done with your ebook you can sell it using PayPal, Clickbank, PayDotCom or others.Now let’s see how you can promote your newly created ebook. Here are few ways to get started with generating online cash out of e-book writing.

1. Google Adwords – Depending on your available promotion budget the fastest way to start making sales is to set up an AdWords campaign

2. Post an ad in forums that allow.

3. Write original articles and submit them to article directories such as ArticleInput or WebWorldArticles and many more.

4. Start an affiliate program and share your profits.

Set up an account at Clickbank or PayDotCom and give affiliate a good percentage like 50% or more. That may seem like a lot of money, but let’s face it: Would you rather have 50% of something or 100% of nothing?


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