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Making money on blogs: Advertising options

There are many other advertising options if you don’t want to choose Adsense. A search for “Adsense alternatives” will net a large list of other advertising opportunities.Some work in much exactly the same way as Adsense, others provide inline ads or banners. You should attempt several different advertising programs to see which one works the very best for your blog.Some advertising opportunities act like Adsense and display text ads; others display contextual ads, the double underline words in your body of your text, yet others use graphic ads. This is a list of other advertising sources for your blog, some of which can be the perfect advertising solution for you personally.Clicksor – This advertising solution serves contextual ads within your body of your blog. These ads are merely words that are underlined twice so when clicked, send users towards the sponsor’s website.TargetPoint – Cost per click ads that display ads highly relevant to your content. They’re saying to pay out 50% of click revenue and provide many customizable features.Adbrite – There is a few different advertising options including text ads, banner advertising, inline ads, and full-page ads.Chitika – This advertising choice is designed especially for blogs there will vary advertising programs to select form including text ads, inline ads, and graphic ads. Many of them work on an expense per click basis.Veoda – They likewise have different ad options including text, graphical, flash and inline ads. The advantage of Veoda is that they don’t need a minimum quantity of people to register and do not want tax information that is great for small blogs that are only starting out.Kontera – This really is another inline advertising source where ads are put as highlighted words that display a note once they are hovered over.Text Link Ads – This website allows purchasers to purchase text ads on blogs for any fixed fee every month. The more popular your blog is, the more your ads will definitely cost and also the more money you’ll make. Affiliate Sensor – This advertising solution combines the very best of text ads with internet affiliate marketing. You get revenue through Clickbank, a joint venture partner marketing program, and never have to market directly in your blog. Text ads are put, matched to your content, on your blog that link to Clickbank products.AllFeeds – You can display a number of ads through AllFeeds, from contextual ads, popaway ads, and backlinks. You can also display news and whether right form your blog with this particular service. Bidvertiser – You simply display ads in the highest bidder with this advertising soloution and you can block ads that you don’t wish to show up on your site. The payout level is placed relatively low at just $10.As you can see, there are many other advertising solutions for your blog, there are plenty more available aside from the ones mentioned here. You can always sell ad space directly, to companies or businesses that are based on your blog topic.There are some stuff you should remember before placing ads on your blog, however. Unobtrusive ads will seldom drive traffic away, but a lot of tacky ads may cause people to leave. You need to look for a good balance where you can earn money although not chase off visitors. Make sure your ads are relevant and never annoying. Make sure that they don’t occupy too much space or get to be the focus of your blog.


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