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How to make money online writing sponsored reviews

Another method of making money online is writing paid reviews. But I suppose you already know this, so I’ll try to cover those parts you may not be aware of. The first people who made money developing a blog advertising network were IZEA Inc., with their PayPerpost. Then Sponsoredreviews.com followed shortly after. The principle is simple:

1. Those who have a blog can sign up.

2. They are entered into a database.

3. An advertiser can sign up on the other side of the system.

4. The advertiser can create rules to allow only specific blogs to write about ’em: page rank, Alexa rank etc.

5. The blogger writes the stuff INCLUDING one or two back links to the advertiser’s website. So, who’s winning what?

  • The blogger makes money by writing and posting review.
    The blog advertising network makes money taking commissions from wither the blogger or advertiser.
    The advertiser will gain some traffic and some backlinks.
  • Now, there are a few things you should know before trying out this money making method:

    The main disadvantage of this money making method is that your blog might be penalized by Google over time, since they clearly stated that selling links (and sponsored reviews is included) is prohibited. Well, it’s not prohibited but Google’s spiders might not crawl your pages, your rankings might drop and so.If you have a high quality blog and you don’t rely on Google for traffic, this money making technique might work out for you, but you can lose your Page Rank. But a wise advertiser won’t care about page rank, because not page rank is what we need, but money, aye?If still are determined to try out this money making technique you should remember a few basic principles when you write those paid posts:

    1. Do not copy content from elsewhere. No one likes duplicate content because it’s not useful. If you are not inspired, you an rewrite with your own words an article.

    2. Try to link out to other good resources, too. The most advertisers will ask you to link to their websites, but you can link to good resources, too. Thus, you’ll increase the credibility of your article.

    3. Better don’t accept an opportunity if one of the criteria is to repeat a keyword too many times. This will make your review to look like spam.

    4. Try to write other articles too, not only paid reviews. You can include in those articles various affiliation links, AdSense etc.

    5. Have a sitemap and good interlinking.

    6. Apply the “no follow” tag for categories, archives and tags.Knowing all these, I do hope you’ll make a lot of money writing paid reviews. But use this money making method with precaution given the risks.

    Update 2017: I do not recommend anyone to get involved in paid posting!


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