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Make money online by building customer relationships

You’re in the online money making business or you want to be. Is that right? Well, then you should know that you’re not only in a sales business. You are also in the trust and loyalty business. It is very important to pay attention to your customers’ needs. Making money online might be your priority, but to get there you need the people who buy your service or product to trust you. Building lasting customer relationships should be your number one priority. As an online marketer you must shift your attention from closing sales immediately to engaging your customers in relationships that eliminate as many third parties and intermediaries as you possibly can.When I speak of this shift, I speak of plain and simple economics: In the last century it cost almost a fortune to reach customers via the media or traditional mail. However, now we have e-mail communication at our disposal, which is really cheap. Online marketers can now afford to keep in touch with their treasured customers much easier than ever before. Good and lasting customer relationships mean more online money for you.I know you’d like to turn every web site visit into a transaction right there on the spot, but think a little bit into the future. It would be so much better if you could recruit that possible customer into a relationship by getting his/her e-mail address. Eventually you’ll come to the online money making part.It’s so easy and cheap to maintain contact with customers. Focus on creating a long lasting relationship of trust with potential customers. This is the new dimension of the way people make money online today. Treat your customers as if they were lifetime partners in your business.You should encourage people to stay in your e-mail list by giving them free gifts from time to time or by letting people know when you’re planning to do something new and tell them something about it. You’ll be making money online without even thinking about it. Turn strangers into friends and then turn friends into customers.There are so many competitor web sites out there. Why let them do something you can start now? Your final goal is to make money online, remember? If a few nice and informative e-mails can take you towards that online money making goal, why not start writing them immediately? Treat your customers as treasured gold, fight for their attention. It’s the best way to make your online business unique.


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