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Using Viral Marketing as A Free Advertising Tool

Would you be interested in a form of advertising that greatly increases your business exposure and virtually explodes your sales and profits? What if i told you that this form of advertising requires little or no costs to implement? Advertising is an important feature of any business because the more people that are aware of the existence of a business, its products or services the larger the possible market is.

There are a number of effective free online advertising methods such as search engine optimization techniques, link exchanges and the use of social networks among others. Another very effective free online advertising method is known as viral marketing.

You probably may have heard about it before but know little about it or about its efficacy. It is used by online marketers big and small and with a little creativity can be adapted to fit any form of online business. All you have to do is give out a free product or service and encourage others to give them out too.

For example instead of just selling an e-book you can just give it out for free and give people the rights to also give your e-book out.

The e-book should be very informative and related to your product niche. People should actually benefit from it as this would also move them to distribute it and it gives you credibility as an authority in that niche. Be sure to put your website link in all pages of the book and watch as your website exposure increases as the book spreads. If the information in the book was detailed and informative enough you can be sure that lots of people will follow on the link to check out your website. The fact that you already gave them worthy information for free will make it easier for them to pay you for further product or services.

There are various options on how to get and spread your e-book. You could pay a writer to write one for you, you can buy one with re-branding rights and add your links or you can get one for free. To get a free quality e-book simply using keyword search terms,”free reports”, “public domain”, “duplication license”, “reprint rights”, and “unlimited duplication”. Then you need to select one related to your product or business. Be sure to use the quotation marks when making searches on this site. From here you can get a handful of useful reports and e-books to distribute free just make sure that you add a link to your website to the book.

You can give you books free on your website, on forums, social networks and can even offer them to other webmasters to distribute free of charge. The more the books spreads the more your website and credibility spreads and grows.


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