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Why to Share Your Used Art Books for Some Cash

The subjects of books, as well as the relevance of the material in them, often determine their price. There are books that will be expensive at the time of publishing but their value will depreciate fast within a few years. Conversely, there are books that will be expensive at the time of publishing and their value will appreciate as time goes by. Availability is another thing that determines the price of books. There are old manuscripts that are centuries old, but countries can go to war just to be in possession of them. Art books are one of the books that appreciate in value with time because good art books are priceless. Let me explain.

Art Books are Expensive

Most art books are expensive. This is particularly true if they are by a good artist and author, and if you are buying various books from such kinds of authors. Fields like art, music, theatre, or film are very expensive because often the students have to buy expensive books and expensive equipment and tools to practice the things they are learning from the books. Often, good writers from these fields will recommend other excellent writers in their books. Getting books from these recommended writers is sometimes a challenge because, again, the books will be rare or expensive. Therefore, students in this field often find themselves spending time and money to find the books, and spending money to acquire them.

You can sell Art textbooks on Booksrun to save others the pain of going through all this unnecessary trouble. Again, this helps to circulate these rare books and makes it easier for those who need them to find them. If you no longer need these books or they are of no use to you whatsoever, selling them will fetch some good cash and create more space at your home for other things.

Art Books are Rare

Unless you have ever been an art student who is enthusiastic about art, you may not realize this but good art textbooks are rare. Many authors strive to write art books but few of them really get it right. Not that many people are passionate about art. This makes it a challenge to find people who will recommend good art books. Moreover, when you find good art books, chances are that they may already be out of print. This makes it really challenging to get your hands on one. In addition, when you get a copy, chances are that it will be expensive because it is a quality but rare book. Nevertheless, art students who are passionate about art are willing to pay whatever price to get their hands on something that will take their skills to the next level.

Therefore, if you have any art books at home, circulate them by selling them online for some extra cash, that is, if you don’t use them anymore. There is a good chance that the art book you have, particularly if it’s by an author whose books are valued, will fetch you good money.

Art Books are Timeless

We are in the 21st century but if you are an art student or try to investigate the field of the arts, whether it is painting, drawing, film, theatre, or music, you’ll realize that most professors and students are not necessarily using books that were written in the 21st century. Most of them are using books that were written in the 20th, 19th, and even 18th centuries. That means, getting such books is rare due to the time they were in publication. As I indicated earlier, very few authors manage to explain clearly, what it takes to make a masterpiece in art. There are many authors in the field of art, but students and teachers will always go after particular authors due to their degree of clarity, explanation, and illustration in their books.

On the off chance, you happen to have even old art textbooks, find out their true worth online. You could be sitting on a book that’s worth a new phone, television, video game console, or set of utensils.


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