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  • Excelman Productions
    Broadcasting news, documentaries, live satellite broadcasts, variety shows, reality shows, sports events, TV films, commercials, and more.

  • Fox Business Network
    The network has a focus on business content, however many programs feature political issues. Shows such as the "Stossel" and "The Willis Report" allow viewers to see the impact of politics on the economy.

  • Hulu EP
    Provides access to a wide range of TV shows and movies. Some of them are available for visitors for free without any costs.

  • PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)
    A public broadcasting service, featuring videos, stations, TV shows and more. Industry specific news, blogs and analysis available.

  • PBS: News and Politics
    Includes access to all political programs on PBS including "Washington Week" and the "PBS NewsHour." Visitors also have the option to localize their content when they visit the political homepage.

  • Roku Channels News and Reviews
    Listings of the latest Roku private channels. Users can get the latest news and reviews on public and hidden private channels and apps.

  • Pakistan TV Online EP
    Pakistan's official TV portal, the first of its kind where you can get all updates related to television industry in Pakistan with TV programs, tTV celebrities and multimedia.

  • America One Television EP
    TV channel that brands itself as the voice of the homeland, addressing the entire population of the United States of America. Offers news, weather, series and talk shows.

  • American Movie Classics (AMC) EP
    The website is dedicated to classic Hollywood productions. Shows classic films from the 1930s through the 1980s.

    Official website of the all high definition national television network featuring various shows and pogrammes dor the entertainment of the general public.

  • EP
    Online TV station presented by Kimberley Maus. Features videos about improving life at home and covers topics like health, food, parenting, DIY and family.

  • Big Ten Network EP
    The official website of the Big Ten Network includes news on all sports, as well as a detailed TV schedule.

  • Black Belt TV EP
    Television network that provides martial arts programming. The broadcasted programmes consist of movies, sports and news.

  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) EP
    Major producer of various programs and information services. Broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet.

  • British Sky Broadcasting Group EP
    Official website provides broadband digital TV and communications in the U.K. Includes information on products like Sky News, Sky Sports, and Sky Movies.

  • BYU Television EP
    Broadcasting to alumni and friends of BYU, LDS Church members. Also addreses those who are interested in the beliefs and values of the Church and its educational institutions.

  • Cartoon Network EP
    Online version of the cable television network of Turner Broadcasting. Offers Toonami, Orbit and Adult Swim, a late-night young adult-oriented program. Website features program schedules, show information, videos, games, and play the digital online trading card game, gToons.

  • Cinemax EP
    TV channel that is entirely dedicated to the film industry and nothing else. Offers movies all the time.

  • CNBC Politics
    Includes sections where visitors can track money spent on various campaigns in an area titled "The Money Trail." An opinion area allows visitors to read analysis by CNBC correspondents on top political issues.

  • CNN/Money EP
    Website where CNN and Money Magazine combine business news, stock quotes, and financial market coverage with personal finance advice, tools and investing tips.

  • CNN: 2012 Election Center
    The network's website provides current coverage of top election and political news including access to video clips online. A polling center on the site allows viewers to review information on all of their latest political polling.

  • Digital Spy
    TV-related news portal. Users can access a number of free features and read the news articles.

  • Ecology Channel EP
    Official website for the channel provides information about its TV programs, monthly essays, gardening tips and eco-friendly products.

  • Extreme Sports Channel EP
    Specialized TV channel that broadcasts extreme and action sports 24 hours a day. Featuring news and extreme athletes' profiles.

  • Fox Movie Channel EP
    Home of the Fox Movie Channel, which broadcasts feature films and original series.

  • Fox News Network
    coverage is provided from a conservative viewpoint and includes interviews with political figures and expert analysis of issues and candidates. The website includes current political stories that are making headlines and accompanying video clips from their featured programs.

  • FOX Reality EP
    Specialized network that ofers reality television shows 24/7 and broadcasts on both cable and satellite.

  • FOXBusiness EP
    Offers business and financial news. Programmes also include personal finance and stock market coverage.

  • France 24 EP
    Official website for France's 24-hour news network offers breaking news and live, unedited materials.

  • Fuse EP
    Official website of the cable music channel, shows music videos and original programming. Site includes new weekly videos, radio-free player, mix-your-own video feature and current music taste polls from across the country.

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The creation of cable television 24-hour news networks has changed the entire landscape of current events and politics. With many 24-hour news outlets needing current events content to fill their broadcast day, it is not unusual to see the same world event covered from a variety of angles by a variety of people. When war breaks out today, the media is there to bring us the pictures and images almost as they happen.

To some people it can seem a bit too real, and to others it is an essential way to show the world how events affect real people. The 24-hour news networks also have extremely dynamic websites, and they are all trying to outdo each other when it comes to presenting new facts about a daily event. When you see all of the 24-hour news networks listed in a web directory, you are looking at several different views of the same story.


As much as the television news networks try to maintain their unbiased stance, their websites and daily programming content will usually indicate a leaning towards one political view or another. Politics plays a large role in the formation of news on the 24-hour news channels, and the political pundits and commentators found on the websites and in the regular programming of these stations will quickly indicate where a station's views fall on current event issues.

Television is said to have both its good and bad sides. One disadvantage of having a television and using it daily is that after a while you become addicted to it and the shows it offers. Reality shows, catchy movies or documentaries are a delight, but as long as the spectators know when it is time to lift themselves from the couch and do the house cleaning. On the other hand, television is important in our lives because we need that in order to stay informed and know what`s happening in the world.

Spending too much time in front of the television can also cause obesity when people do nothing but eat and watch TV. This has already become an important issue for the American Government. The first TVs were monochromatic (only black and white colours) and there was usually no sound, so the quality was poor. Nowadays instead, we have large plasmas with such a stunning quality of the image and sound that you think the action is really happening in front of you.

To sum up, television does influence our lives one way or another and it will continue to do so since it is one of the most important methods of mass transmitting the information to the population. can provide information related to the first TVs, inventors, evolution but also predictions regarding television and how it will affect our lives in the near future.

Politicians will use these implied affiliations by 24-hour news stations to help get their points across to a large television and internet audience. It is interesting to watch the relationship between television news and politics at work on a daily basis.

One of the advantages of television news channels needing content to fill a 24-hour programming day, and the pages of an active website, is that many of the issues that could benefit from mass exposure sometimes get the attention they need to help people in need. A refugee crisis that may not have made the news before the 24-hour stations came along can now get massive coverage and it may help to get aid to the people that are suffering everyday.