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From Dropout to Graduation: How Online Adult High School Diploma Programs Are Changing Lives

Nearly 30 million adults in the United States still need a high school diploma. But for some, a complete high school education is within reach. Libraries can be beneficial in assisting these students in regaining their aspirations of receiving a diploma.

Boost Your Confidence

Whether you’re hoping to get promoted at work or pursue a career change, getting your high school diploma opens up more job opportunities for you than without one. It means you can seek jobs that align with your interests, which may give you a sense of renewed self-confidence and the motivation to take on new challenges.

In addition to providing a more flexible learning environment, online adult high school programs have the added benefit of supporting your academic goals with personalized student support services and resources, like tutoring and writing centers.

Whether you have questions or need help staying motivated, these resources are available whenever you need them and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

The bottom line is that earning your high school diploma takes dedication, discipline, and time. Still, it can make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence in pursuing new opportunities. So don’t give up on your education, and enroll in an online adult high school diploma program today.

Take Your Education to the Next Level

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, adults who do not possess a high school diploma make $150 less every week and $7,436 less annually than those who do. With online adult high school programs, adults can enroll in their first class within a day and finish their courses at their own pace, on their own terms.

Some instructors are available via text, phone call, or video conference, and they help students through every step of their educational journey. Providing this life-changing opportunity to adults in your community makes a library truly a place for learning.

With personalized support from a graduation advisor and flexible course options, including mastery-based learning, it’s easy for adults to start college, earn a promotion at work, or switch careers entirely with their diploma.

Learn a New Skill

A high school diploma will help you learn new skills that can be used in various careers. In addition, your studies will help you improve soft skills such as learning to work well with others, solve problems independently, and adapt to change. Online classes can also give you more flexibility in studying where and when.

For example, online courses may be better for you if you’re a night owl and can’t focus during the early hours of traditional high school classes. Lastly, a regionally accredited online high school program can provide a diploma that colleges and employers will accept. 

Get a Better Job

More than 30 million American adults still need a high school diploma, which can limit their employment options and earning potential. Even in a strong economy, this population experiences higher unemployment rates and lower median weekly earnings than those with at least a high school diploma.

A quality online adult, high school completion program, can help change this by making it easy for working adults to return to school and earn their diplomas. A graduation ceremony is a powerful symbol of perseverance and commitment that can inspire and empower the graduates.

We asked a few of our online adult high school graduation program graduates to share their stories about how earning their high school diploma has changed their lives. Click through for their inspiring testimonials.


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