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Finding the Perfect Tuxedo Rental – A Complete How-To

With wedding season in full swing, you might travel far-flung locations to attend your friends’ weddings. And you’ll need to look the part. Online rentals make renting a suit or tuxedo simpler than ever. Here are a few things to keep in mind before ordering.

Know Your Size

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to look great on your wedding day, thanks to online suits and tuxedo rentals. With more personalized and tailored options, you can easily find a look for yourself and your groomsmen online without worrying about sizes or ordering too far in advance.

If you need help deciding what size to order, a tuxedo rental in San Diego offers an easy-to-use measurement tool to guide you through the process. Measuring yourself accurately is essential so you don’t end up with a tuxedo that is too big or too small.

Getting measurements for anyone else in your wedding party renting from the same company is also a good idea, as it will make the process faster and more efficient. Book your final fitting two months before your wedding if you want a custom fit. This will give you enough time to schedule any alterations necessary for a perfect fit.

Image copyright Robert Gombos
Image copyright Robert Gombos

Know Your Budget

If you plan to rent a tuxedo for a wedding, be sure to factor in any additional accessories you’ll need to complete your ensemble. Most menswear rental companies will offer ties, cummerbunds, shoes, and suspenders to make your look more cohesive. They’ll also have all the other essentials like dress shirts and tuxedo pants.

Many will even provide an event management tool that lets you add groomsmen, ring bearers, and other special guests to your order, making it easier to manage all the logistics and avoid last-minute surprises.

Don’t let renting a suit or tuxedo scare you off, especially since you can be as stylish as you like with minimal effort. You’ll look sharp in no time with guidance from store associates or at-home try-ons. Just remember to stick to the budget.

The cost to rent a tuxedo is affordable, making it a practical and budget-friendly option for individuals seeking stylish formalwear for special occasions without a significant financial commitment.

Know Your Style

Even if you don’t consider yourself a fashionista, renting can still be the way to go regarding formalwear. Purchasing a tuxedo can be a substantial investment, so it’s best to rent when you know you need it for an event.

Finding your perfect fit has always been challenging for established players. Remember that most rental prices include a jacket, pants, and vest, so you get the whole look. Some companies also offer shirts, shoes, accessories such as cufflinks or studs in addition to the tuxedo.

Check with your tuxedo rental company to see what is included in the price. They will also spell out a return deadline on your contract.

Know Your Timeline

If you want to ensure that your wedding tuxedo rentals arrive in time for the big day, order at least two months ahead. This allows for ample time to browse styles, get fit, and place an order. Popular tuxedo styles and sizes can disappear quickly as prom season and weddings approach, so it’s best to start shopping early.

Image copyright Robert Gombos

Online tuxedo rental brands offer easy-to-use interactive tools to build a custom look or select from curated outfits. When it comes to returning the rentals, most companies require 48 hours after your event date for a hassle-free return. Some may charge a nominal fee if you need to extend your rental.


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