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What a Good Advertisement Should Contain

As a marketer, there are a few goals you should try to hit to achieve an attractive and effective advertisement. Shoot for an ad that conveys appropriate information to effectively describe the good/service in question and attract the people you’re looking for. In simple terms, you have to target and succeed in attracting prospective customers who can afford your product or service and meet your terms. This will, at the very least, reduce the number of phone calls you get of people seeking clarification and more info about your product.

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That said, below are a few tested and tried advertising tips that you can use to effectively market your brand.

1. Tell the story behind the brand

There should be weight in your brand’s purpose. You should be able to answer questions like: Why and how did you start the brand? How much do people benefit from your brand/enterprise etc.? What sets you apart from the rest of the competition?

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Why do you do what you do (some certain unique thing that are probably not seen with your competitors)? Always remember that people won’t buy what you do as much as they would buy why you do it.

2. Make your ad based on a consumer insight.

Insights don’t make for facts about your business. Rather, they are things the consumer already knows/thinks they know, but doesn’t know/realize other people think the same way. Consumers make consumers see themselves in the situation and once you play their game, they might then figure the brand is really for them. Insights allow you to connect with the right audience and turn the ad into a conversation.

3. Ensure you’re relevant with the consumer

Beloved brands always find ways to matter to the people who really care. The right brand promise obviously matters, but the right communication of the promise is equally important. Or, can you sell carpet cleaning service to someone whose home is of wooden floor?

4. Sell the solution, not the product!

Consumers use products to solve problems in their day to day lives. Your brand is going to be more powerful and relevant if you can solve problems of life with it. With regards to you field of specialty, figure out the commonest problems among consumers and try to conquer it for them with your brand. Consumers will only start caring about what you do when you start caring about what they need. Make it clear in your ad that you have them in spirit.

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5. Keep the idea and communication as simple as possible

In advertising, communication is more of what is heard than what is said. Most marketers out there shout too many messages in one ad in a bid to feed the consumer with as much info as possible. But then, what does the consumer hear? Nothing but a confusing mess. By including a lot of messages, you’re burdening the consumer with the task to decide on which of your messages is the best, because you couldn’t figure it out for them.

6. Have a good selling idea

Big ideas don’t just break through. They also provide you with the consistency you need because you will now be aligning your thinking to the main idea. Consumers will gradually start connecting to the big idea and eventually begin relating your brand with that idea. So, does you ad have a bid idea?

7. Let the visuals do the talking

With so many ads within the prospective consumer’s view, you ought to have a key visual that can attract the attention, and communicate the message. The see-say of advertising enables consumers understand easily, engage, follow along, and remember. Everyone loves pictures!

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8. Stay focused with your advert

A focused message, a focused target and a focused strategy through a focused media will attract a focused consumer! Marketing as a discipline is entirely founded on focus, an area that so many brand managers struggle in. They always want the “just in case” option.

9. Set yourself apart

Beloved brands are unique, better and cheaper. They should not be around for very long either. The story telling of your brand’s promise should help distinguish the brand from the clutter of competitors and other brands in other industries that is stuck in our minds. That begins with a message and visuals that feel different and make the brand seem different from the rest of the pack.

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Consumers see more than 6000 ads in a single day. Some ads will draw attention naturally from within the crowded world of advertising while others will hardly get noticed even with the splashiest of billboards. Yours could be the latter, and that means you have to call into play some extra skill to get your product noticed. The above tips might come in handy.


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