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  • Best Nootropics Now
    Information, guides,news and unbiased reviews about nootropic supplements.

  • Beyond OCD
    Non profit organization that provides information and helpful resources for people seeking treatment and advice for dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  • Braintropic
    Provides free information and guides on nootropics.

  • Cognifit
    CogniFit Brain Fitness program let you assess your memory and cognitive abilities so you can get an optimal brain training and keep a healthy brain and mind. It's free!

  • Family Center for Recovery
    Offers residential inpatient treatment for teen and adult patients with mental health and substance use disorders. Owned and operated by a triple board certified psychiatrist.

  • HealthyPlace EP
    Online community of people providing mental health information and support. Includes chats and bulletin boards.

  • Hoarding Cleaning Ottawa
    Specialized in hoarding cleaning and after care services for those who suffer from hoarding.

  • How To Stop Blushing
    A not for profit website created for sufferers of Erythrophobia (the fear of facial blushing). Created by Sam who used to suffer from blushing. Read his true story and modern treatment options available to help people battling with this life crushing disorder

  • Increase IQ Methods
    Cognitive training site which uses principles of neurobiology, psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and cognitive science to increase IQ and mental powers. Also uses brainwave entrainment audio technology to fine tune your mind. Suitable for ADHD sufferers and those suffering from mental decline.

  • Internet Mental Health
    Online encyclopedia of articles addressing mainly mental disorders, treatment, medications and research.

  • Mental Health Matters
    Provides information and resources for consumers, professionals, students, and supporters.

  • Modafinil Now
    An information source for all things related to the smart drug modafinil.

  • Mood Gym EP
    Provides access to an interactive online program providing help in identifying and overcoming problem emotions.

  • Natural Wellness
    Provides OTC stimulants like Adderall, herbs, foods, vitamins, and pills that naturally improve productivity as over the counter products.

  • Nootropic Supplement
    Offers review for many types of nootropics and smart drugs. Users can learn about cognitive enhancer such as racetams and ampakines. Their review blog also offers reports about natural nootropics as well.

  • Psychology EP
    Offers people the possibility to find a counselor, therapist, or psychologist. Also includes professional advice, forums, self-help library, articles, and more.

  • RadKid.Org: Reactive Attachment Disorder & Detachment Issues
    Provides information, ideas, tips, and support for parents or guardians of children with reactive attachment disorder and other detachment issues. Also provides resources for educators and mental health profession.

  • SOBA Recovery Center
    Provides cost effective long-term treatment for substance abuse. They accept insurance.

  • Stop Drinking Expert
    Offers an alternative to the twelve step group meetings, treatment centers, and ineffective willpower.

  • All About Life Challenges EP
    Users can find articles for coping with emotional, mental, and physical challenges from a Christian perspective. From All About God Ministries.

  • Atlantic Counseling & Consultation, Inc.
    Psychologist and psychiatrist organization website. Includes a staff list, insurance plans, a schedule for patients and contact information.

  • Been There Adoption Counseling
    Located in Palo Alto, California, this is a private practice offering therapy, counseling and advice for families. Special emphasis is put on those looking to adopt.

  • Behavior OnLine EP
    Online community that invites people to gather in place where they can become acquainted with mental health and applied behavioral science professionals.

  • Burning Tree Lodge
    A drug rehab based in Elgin, TX. They offer the 90-day program to support long-term recovery and we provide peace for the family members.

  • Burning Tree West
    Dedicated to providing young adults with long-term treatment. Their programs help patients with living an independent, sober and healthy lifestyle.

  • Clinical Partners
    Leading psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists across the UK providing mental health services.

  • Coast Mental Health
    Community organization that provides peer support - internal and external, prudent and effective use of all natural, human and financial resources and individualized plans and choice for patients suffering from mental illness.

  • CyberCouch EP
    Offers information and support about mental health and illness, as well as treatment options for various mental ailments.

  • DBT Therapy
    Treatment center offering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for a variety of mental health disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), substance abuse, PTSD, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.

  • Dear Wiz
    Online resource dedicated to drug addition recovery and help. It publishes articles on various drug addition related topics including alcohol addiction, drug rehab, drug testing, smoking, and teen education for drug addiction.

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Mental health is a descriptive term for a person's level of emotional or cognitive well-being relating to societal norms. It can also indicate the absence of mental illness or disorder. Basically, a person who has health & fitness is also mentally fit and healthy. The person can cope with whatever comes their way, gets along well with others, enjoys life and is a contribution to society rather than a detriment. How the state of mental health is actually defined will differ according to the local culture and scientific disagreements of what constitutes health and fitness.

The history of mental health dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when the term "mental hygiene" was first defined. In the early 20th century, the first mental health outpatient clinic was opened in the United States. Today, there are many mental health outlets, clinics, recovery hospitals, and self help options including books on the topic. A mental health wellness model will encompass many areas of life, such as love, spirituality, work, friendship and leisure pursuits. These are further divided into areas of coping and awareness skills.

Mental health can also be described as the lack of mental illness. The mental health of an individual is also affected by surrounding cultural, societal, educational, and physical pressures. Different cultures will have different definitions of mental health. Behaviors that may seem extreme in one society may be normal in another.

The perception towards people with a certain problem related to the mental health, such as those diagnosed with schizophrenia or mental retardation has significantly improved for the past few decades. Although a century ago people saw the mentally ill with other eyes and doctors used different techniques that were unsuitable  in order to restore their mental health, nowadays doctors are developing more and more efficient treatments that are used for treating most of the mental disorders. It is something normal nowadays for people to go and see a psychiatrist or a psychologist in order to prevent any future problems regarding their mental health status.

Although there are many causes of an imbalance in the mental health of an individual, each social group has its own way of identifying the causes that lead to a mental illness. For instance, some representants of The Church claim that people who suffer from mental disorders lack in faith. For the past 20 years there were organized many campaigns in order to change the perception that people had when it comes to the mentally ill, trying to explain them that this can occur to anybody and stigmatization is not an option at all.

Whether if you try to find out more information about the mental health, illnesses, symptoms and classifications or you would like to find clinics specialized in treating mental disorders, a web directory is the perfect place to do it. can help you with this.

There are medical, scientific, and psychological testing that can attempt to measure levels of mental health. Again, the aspect of health is relative to the individual and the local societal norms. Use a web directory to explore various branches of mental health. Mental health is essential to individual health and fitness, and mental illness can interfere with or even bring normal life to an untimely end.