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Women are humans of the female gender, and are interested in health & fitness from a nurturing angle. By nature, women are caretakers, giving birth to new human beings, and caring for them. The term woman usually refers to an adult female human, but it can also refer to females of all ages. Women is the plural of woman. The Biblical reference is that the word means "out of man", referring to God creating woman from one of Adam's ribs.

Women differ from men in that women's bodies contain the reproductive system for creating new life following union with the male sperm. Children grow inside the womb until birth after about nine months of gestation in the uterus. The women's breasts function to provide food to the newborn in the form of milk. Breasts are also secondary sex characteristics Nature provides to help attract men. Fewer females are born, but they outlive men due to several advantages, including that they are not usually expected to take part in military action or perform dangerous jobs, and they may take better care of themselves physically. Their natural estrogen is also a protective element that men do not have.

The fact that it is said that behind every powerful man there is a strong woman highlights the importance women have upon the society we are living in nowadays. Both the feminine influence and the masculine one are vital in a family for the child to grow in a proper manner. Moreover, a more in-depth study in psychoanalysis that belongs to Freud underlines the fact that when it comes to sexual behaviour and the thing that the kid is attracted by the parent of the opposite sex, boys tend to love their mothers more than their fathers just because they care so much about their offsprings and the child resents that (The Oedip Complex).

As said before, women also suffer from diseases in an equal manner as men do. If the prostate cancer threatens the life of men, we have the breast cancer that puts at risk women`s lives. Studies have shown that approximately one out of 8 (up to 10 in some countries) women risk to develop a form of breast cancer throughout her life. This is why it is essential for every woman to learn how to examine her breasts and take care of her health, preventing any possible complications in the future.

You can find everything you are looking for related to women in a web directory, from sites that sell shoes and lingerie to alternative health in order to treat every form of cancer at women. Moreover, you can also find out what are the diseases that most frequently appear at women as well as the secret of their longevity, because it is known that women live  longer than men!

Like men, women have some sex specific diseases, such as cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. Women may also receive more and better medical care than men, due to having children, and perhaps more consciousness about health & fitness issues. In ancient societies, women were food gatherers rather than game hunters, and they tended children. Traditionally, women have been relegated to lower paying jobs, with less schooling than men, which resulted in economic struggles.

Characteristically, women are perceived as being more adept verbally than men, and at being nurturers and caretakers. More information will be easily located in an Internet web directory, under women.

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