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Travel Advertisements? Say no more!

If you are running a travel agency, you know that travel advertisements can assist you in fulfilling your objectives. However, if you have spent a ton of cash already for your promotions and ads yet you are still not getting enough clients, you are most probably doing something wrong.

One of the most common mistakes that travel companies do is focus too much on their website’s traffic or leads. This is actually a huge error because they overlook the most important element when it comes to advertising and that is sales conversion.

Advertising for your travel agency and the other means of promoting tourism will always be deemed as essential. However, if your efforts do not have a strong focus on the conversion of prospects into sales and new inquires, they are simply a big waste of money and time. It is significant that you look for an effective method that could transform your hard work into revenue.

You can supercharge your advertising projects with the following tactics:

Traffic and Branding

As mentioned, many people commit the mistake of focusing on website traffic. However, this does not mean that you will disregard this aspect. At the current time, travel agencies with websites get more attention than those that do not. Once you have your website, you have to be dedicated to at least provide 90% of your budget allocated especially for advertising for grabbing the top spots on search engines, pay per click or PPC, and image branding.

Clearly, this will cost more than the regular methods for driving websites into the top of the results page. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed that you are higher than your rivals. When your company’s name is recognized, you will naturally experience a boost in sales.

High-Tech Systems

Your webmaster will have something good to recommend for the improvement of your website. It is important to listen to him or her especially if it is about high-technology goodies that will contribute to the growth of your website. Oftentimes, you will be advised to integrate flash animation to catch the attention of visitors.

The downside in flash animation though is that the key elements of customer visits will not be displayed instantly. However, your webmaster will give you the assurance that the visitors will explore deeper into the website as they keep clicking for more details.


On a dedicated page or sub-page on your website there should also be testimonials. This is because word-of-mouth is often considered as one of the most effective advertisements. The testimonials will allow you to acquire more prospects that are currently considering your offers.

You should generate a page that is specifically dedicated to what your previous customers are saying about your services. It can also be helpful to provide links connected to an interior page. This way, more people will get to read about your happy customers’ comments.

Business Logo

Most people spend thousands of dollars just for a business logo. This is because competition is very tough nowadays and therefore it is quite important to ensure that your prospects will not confuse you with your rivals. A business logo plays a significant role so it is essential that your advertisements contain the business name as well as the logo which can both be viewed distinctly.

Customer Service

Your staff also has a vital part to play. Some customers will ask many questions and even have their own concerns about your company. Your staff should be trained to answer these inquiries and issues professionally. If you can, you should have staff available that will answer queries and take reservations 24 hours a day. This will help you gain more customers and get their trust as well.

Team Up with Other Organizations

Travel agencies get more respect and credibility if they are connected with established hotels, beach resorts, health clubs, and others.

This enables them to expand the number of their customers because these people are aware that the company is working hand in hand with other prominent businesses in the industry. It is a good idea to try and collaborate with these firms to boost sales and improve your services as well.

Take note of the above mentioned techniques when advertising your travel agency. If you are able to follow these strategies, you are surely on the right track in attaining your company’s goals.


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