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A land of romance, history and beauty, Europe embodies culture and the dream of the world traveler. One of the richest and most economical stable continents in the world, Europe holds the key to cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome and Athens.

Littered with castles, fortresses, ruins and stories of royal family intrigue, Europe has become known for a few of its most dazzling capital cities. But, don't overlook the power of the lesser-known cities like Oslo, Ljubljana and Prague. Not yet popular tourist destinations, you can often find all the riches of the biggest cities with a much more personal and affordable experience.

Each country within Europe has a distinct language and culture, though the more urban areas are rife with locals that speak English. Armed with little more than a small translation book and a smile, Europe is very easy to navigate and a great place for amateur travelers.

Try searching a web directory for the vast array of activities that Europe has to offer. With a little research it is easy to find affordable flights and travel packages to some of the world's most beloved cities, especially if you're willing to travel in the off-seasons.

Europe is one of the seven continents, also being known as one of of the most beautiful on Earth, anybody who goes there can have a wonderful holiday and a great time regardless of the destination. Besides the ancient castle ruins, in Europe you can also go to the seaside because there are seas like Black Sea, Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean one where tourists can enjoy the sun and the warm welcome European people offer to their customers and visitors. European people, especially the ones from the western Europe are polite and good hearted, this being one of the reasons why this continent is so popular.

Europe has been existing for more than 2 million years and it changed its form throughout history for several times. This continent is the land of myths and folklore, from the Greek Mythology to the ancient Roman Empire which is known all around the world. These are only two of the most known examples that make Europe a place of a great historical importance for both history and and tourists.

All in all, can help you decide if you still haven`t make up your mind where to go and you need some help to make a decision whether your next holiday will be in Europe or in Asia. At the Regions & Travel categories you can find links that provide you with the most accurate and relevant information regarding a place or a continent, so you can compare them and finally go on a holiday.

Whether you plan to ski in the northern reaches of Sweden or bathe along the golden beaches of Italy and Greece, Europe is easy to navigate with its incredible and far-reaching train network. Chances are if you want to visit a place, there's a train within a few miles/kilometers of where you want to be. Simply search a web directory for European train passes and you'll have access to Europeans favorite method of travel.

Delicious food, breathtaking mountains and beaches, glorious arts and entertainment, Europe is a delightful place to spend your next vacation or business trip. It's no wonder that Europe is a popular wedding destination!