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The Most Essential Social Media Guide For Ecommerce Websites

Social media is a great way to market any type of website, especially an ecommerce website. With so many consumers using social media to connect with the world, these sites make it possible for ecommerce businesses to reach their target audience in a quick, effective way. However, many ecommerce sites do not properly utilize social media to its fullest extent to get the most out of these popular sites. Here are a few tips you can use to improve your social media marketing campaign and improve the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Twitter for Ecommerce

Twitter is certainly one of the most popular social media websites around and a great business tool for ecommerce websites. By creating a Twitter account for your online store, you are able to engage your customer base and target audience in a unique, personal way. Reaching out to your customers via Twitter and seeing what they do and do not like about your ecommerce site can help you make vast improvements to your business model or site design that in turn will positively impact your business.

Also, Twitter is great tool for managing your customer support. Taking the time to periodically check Twitter to see what others are saying about your business and their recent experience dealing with your company can enable you to correct any negative experiences some of your customers had. This positive PR can go a long way in helping shape your brand online.

Facebook for Ecommerce

Facebook is another extremely popular social media website that every online business must utilize as a part of their social media marketing campaign. By creating a Facebook page for your business, you are able to build relationships with your customers, improve your customer service and position yourself as an industry expert to help gain the trust of potential customers.

By sharing high quality content on Facebook and interacting with your followers in an insightful way, you will become a trusted source of information within your industry. When this happens, your brand will be viewed positively amongst consumers and you will have an easier time converting web visitors into paying customers.

YouTube for Ecommerce

YouTube offers online businesses a very unique way to market their company and brand. Since YouTube is a video based social media website, it offers you the opportunity to showcase your business in a very different manner. Creating helpful how-to videos related to your industry or demonstrating the proper use of your products in a series of videos you place on your YouTube channel are two excellent ways you can use this social media website to promote your ecommerce website.

When loading videos to your YouTube channel, it is important that you label and title them correctly using keywords related to your business and terms that your target audience will actually be searching for. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and can provide a lot of referral traffic to your ecommerce website so long as your videos are found in online searches by your target audience.

Pinterest for Ecommerce

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social media website that allows people to share their favorite pictures from around the web with their followers. Creating a Pinterest board for your ecommerce website allows you to connect with likeminded consumers who enjoy viewing high quality photos of their favorite products. Pinning some of your best selling items to your Pinterest board and then engaging with the Pinterest community can help raise awareness about your brand while driving traffic to your website.

The secret to success when using Pinterest to promote your online business is to be as creative as possible. Discover new ways to get influential bloggers to link to your Pinterest board and you will not only see an increase in the number of followers for your board but you will also see a spike in traffic to your ecommerce website.

With so many consumers preferring to shop online these days, it is important that your ecommerce website is actively trying to market to these consumers. Since these people are already online, it only makes sense to market on the websites that they are using. Creating interesting, useful content across your social media accounts will strengthen your online marketing message and help you drive targeted traffic to your online store while increasing awareness about your brand.


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