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  • BH Cosmetics EP
    Known for their make up palettes for eyes, lips and face.

  • Clinique EP
    Provides allergy tested and completely fragrance free skincare, make-up, fragrances and gifts.

  • Cover Girl EP
    Cosmetics for face, eyes and lips make up.

  • Dior Cosmetics EP
    Carries face, eyes, lips and nail make up products from the international fashion brand Dior.

  • Estée Lauder EP
    Carries makeup, skincare, fragrance products from the fashion brand Estée Lauder.

  • Sephora Cosmetics EP
    Carries make up, skincare, fragrances, nails care and hair care products.

Cosmetics Web Directory

The skin is definitely one of the most useful organs of the body, which determines other people’s perspective about us. Cosmetics, popularly referred to as make-up are used to enhance beauty to create the right impression about us among our peers. They are basically mixtures of compounds from both synthetic and natural sources which are purposely meant to manipulate the skin to a certain appearance. It is no doubt that they make women look more competent, attractive, trustworthy and likable.

This section of our shopping directory offers all types of cosmetic products from different vendors including lotions powders, suspensions, sticks, bath salts, deodorants and gels. Different people suit well in different types of cosmetics depending on their skin type, color, sensitivity and skin pore size. While cosmetics started at the beginning of ancient civilization, they have undergone rampant developments from traditional beauty treatments to the modern comprehensive cosmetics. On the ancient beauty treatments, caster oil was used as protective balm while skin creams were made from beeswax, rose water and olive oil.

Nowadays, Primer is applied to reduce the pore size so as to prolong duration of the makeup wear and smoothen its application. Lip applications such as lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, lip liner, lip primer, lip booster and lip conditioner are intended to add texture and color to the lips to enhance beauty and feminity. Modern lip applications are designed to be waterproof and hence cannot get easily diffused.

Ladies can use cosmetics to cover any imperfections of their skin. For instance, concealers are used to cover extra blemishes and under-eye circles. They are thick and have a long lasting effect. Foundations smoothen the face by covering spots and uneven coloration. You can browse this shopping web directory for the latest cosmetics from beauty specialists. We have a long list of websites so that people can find exactly what they are looking for in a one –stop shop.