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The doors of the Internet will not open to your audience just because you are there!

In terms of pure ROI, an adequately run online advertising campaign can stretch much farther than a campaign on any other type of medium. This has to do with the relatively low production and maintenance costs of online advertisements as well as the extended reach of the Internet. However, any business that is looking to truly succeed in the Darwinian world of the World Wide Web should adhere to a few tried and true axioms of online advertisements.

You must inform and you must entertain

Neither information nor entertainment will work without the other. As the major search engines, social media hubs and other content farmers and King makers online continue to unknowingly collude towards a pyramid structure of content dissemination, small businesses will increasingly find themselves locked out of the front pages of the gatekeepers of visibility and customer conversion.

Without becoming too technical, the main way that a small business can continue to compete with moneyed corporations is to keep content informative with a unique voice and entertaining with a brief message – at the same time.

Although this may seem a tall order, it is actually much easier than it sounds. The main things to avoid in your online advertisements are hard sales and droning content. Keep it lively and humorous and you will find yourself in a good position, even in relation to the largest companies in your market.

Disseminate your information with discretion

As the major search engines and social media hubs continue to block out online advertisers that continue to use mass market gray hat strategies in order to distribute themselves, the more successful companies are finding a great deal of leverage by localizing their message.

The major search engines especially our much more likely to help out an advertisement that has local relevance. This means that you should vary literally place the locale of your business inside of the advertisement. It should go inside of the tags on your videos and pictures and in the content itself.

You should also make sure that your information does not go to low-quality websites and directories. If you want to truly reach the audience that the Internet has the potential to grab, you need as much viral content as possible. Aside from creating free PR for your company, viral content is naturally attractive to search engines and social media hubs because it is being duplicated through a natural process (many IP addresses, different time zones, etc.).

The main point here is to be very selective about whom you share your advertisements with. Mass marketing strategies no longer work online, and you should no longer endeavor to market yourself to the largest audience possible without first targeting the most relevant market for your business.

Make sure to analyze your results unceasingly

What makes certain online advertising strategies work over others is not that one strategy was inherently better than another – it is because one company analyze their results and tweaked the performance as they went along.

It is almost impossible to avoid online analytics these days. All of the major search engines provide businesses with the basic tools to analyze their online advertising strategy for free. Although better tools are available from third parties for a fee, even the smallest of start-up companies can improve their online advertising strategy by adhering to the findings of the most basic analysis of the performance of their ads online.


Although the Internet is wide open for online advertising, it requires a great deal of discipline. The doors of the Internet will not open to your audience just because you are there.


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