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Have you ever heard of neuromarketing?

Advertisement is a big and booming world. It is different from the separate world we attempt to maintain daily with work, errands, and time spent with friends and family. It is a world where people you don’t know are thinking about you and what you want. You could call advertising our parallel universe. We just often fail to remember that it’s there.

It’s difficult to believe that many forget about advertising’s existence, due to the fact that it makes an entrance into our lives every day. Not only is it an acquaintance, but it has an impact on our lives as well. In fact, our whole day is met with advertisement after advertisement after advertisement. You may assume this meeting takes place mostly in our physical life. To make that assumption would be very wrong, as advertisement now plays a key role in our internet and social media use more than ever before.

The internet and social media is just one half of the future of advertisement. The other half, neuromarketing, is combined with the former to create an unstoppable super team of psychological marketing strategies advertising companies could only dream of years ago.

Neuromarketing is the use of advertising centered around the basic needs and instincts of human beings. It dives deeper into our lives to make an emotional impression on us, rather than just bombard consumers with images and information. Depending on the response advertising companies and businesses are attempting to obtain, different emotions will be stimulated.

This isn’t a bad thing for consumers. In fact, this could play a more positive role in our every day lives. Advertising’s use of social media and neuromarketing is a business strategy that’s not trying to trick consumers; rather, it’s attempting to get to know consumers and figure out what they want. It will cause businesses and companies to be more welcoming, interactive, and have better customer service.

These marketing strategies are not methods of brainwashing or persuasion. They’re innovative methods of getting to know you. Consumer’s needs are met with enthusiasm and clever ideas. Whether they be sex, humor, fear, relief, sadness, or bartering, there is always an emotion and need to be met, and an interest to explore.

So just how are these psychological advertisement strategies used by businesses? In every way possible. One of the most successful examples of neuromarketing was used by cosmetic dentistry business owner Helaine Smith. When her numbers were disappointing, Helaine thought about what consumers needs are, and what they’d be interested in. In turn, she published an electronic book under her named titled Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex. This document explained how good oral hygiene leads to better sex.

When searching for this book, consumers were met with links that tied Helaine Smith and her cosmetic dentistry practice together. With the help of these simple keyword searches, Helaine’s e-newsletter, and self-made instructional videos, her annual revenues tripled to 1 million dollars. Not to mention, the money she spent on advertising campaigns went down to pretty much nothing, thanks to her independent business savvy ideas and user interaction.

Many more successful examples exist; more than consumers would have the time or need to pick up on and notice. This is due to the fact that neuromarketing is not only the future of advertising, but it’s also the current innovative procedure used for guaranteed success. It can be used in a multitude of ways, striking an endless variety of interests and emotions. It’s the most creative and ingenious platform of advertisement today that suits the needs of companies, businesses, and surprising, the consumers.


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