Advertising your local business is a great way to get your name out to potential customers while retaining current ones. We all know that without advertising we do not sell. Simple as that.

It is important to detail advertising techniques for people like me, who doesn’t have 100k for investing, like the big guys. There are many great ways to advertise your business with minimal expense. Follow a few tips to get the most bang for your local advertising buck.

Car Wrap Advertising

Your potential customers are everywhere. At the local supermarket, waiting at the bus stop, dropping off dry cleaning and taking their dogs to the groomers. Reach them with an ad on the side of a car. The execution is simply.

Pay a local driver to place an ad for your business on the side of their car. Pay them a small monthly fee, and you now have a moving billboard.

Choose from drivers that frequent areas most traveled by your ideal customer. You can place a small ad on the back windshield or passenger side door or wrap their entire car in your ad. Car wrap advertising definitely draws attention and will bring in more customers to your business.


Buttons and Tees

No matter how high-tech society may get, people still love small touches.

Buttons and tee shirts are still a popular giveaway item, and your potential customer will be a walking advertisement for your business. Give away your company’s tees to your regular customer as a gift for a purchase.

Pass out buttons at local events such as carnivals, festivals and parades. Your local customers will gladly wear your company’s name, giving you instant brand recognition.


Create Bookmarks

If your business is one that can be useful to local library users, consider printing bookmarks and offering them for free to local libraries. These custom printed bookmarks will go a long way in advertising your business to local customers.

Include your company’s website and contact information so customers can find you easily. You can have these bookmarks printed for just pennies each, making them an excellent return on your investment.


Create Coupons

A great way to advertise locally is to print coupons that customers can use in your business. Include these coupons in the post office’s movers packet. These packets are provided to people who are changing their address with the post office. These packets include helpful information on moving companies, storage facilities and other mover’s resources.


Give Away Promotional Items at Local Events

Set up a table or a booth at the local flea market and give away little trinkets that advertise your business. Magnets, pressure balls, pens, pencils and lanyards all make great giveaway items that won’t break the bank.

Every time your customer loans a pen, pulls out their keys or opens their refrigerator, they will be exposed to your brand. Magnets are especially effective in advertising local restaurants and carry outs.

These promotional items are relatively cheap if you buy them in bulk. Promoting your business through giveaways is a great way to advertise locally.

Take Out a Classified Ad

Classified ads are still a great advertising medium. Your customers might peruse them over their morning coffee or scour them for bargains and deals. Make your advertisement stand out with color graphics and photographs. Online classified sites like Craigslist enjoy high traffic and exposure from people who are searching locally. Get the best bang for your buck with free online advertising classifieds.

There are many great ways to advertise your business locally. From car wrap advertising to promotional item giveaways, you can easily reach your local customer and earn big bucks. Tap into your resources and advertise to your customer without spending a fortune. Start your local advertising campaign today and watch your customers come rolling in.


As you can see, there are things you can do, even if you don’t have thousands to spend for ads. Of course, in the marketing area, everything is important, every bit, so, after you embrace the techniques I described, it is a good decision to start advertising on Google Local, Yahoo Local, maybe some local/niche web directories and so on.


Robert Gombos has 15+ years of successful Marketing experience in the software and Internet industries. Combined with BS/MS studies.

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