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How to Promote an Online Business Directory

Owners of a business directory must successfully promote it in order to obtain the traffic needed to make it successful. Directories should contain quality listings for shoppers.

Visitors are likely to return if they are greeted with websites that meet their needs. By implementing a few simple tips, directories can be seen by millions of people around the world.

Email marketing is a great way to advertise. When sending emails to family, friends, business associates and acquaintances, the owner of the directory should include his company’s link. When he receives replies concerning the great quality of his website, he should encourage the recipient to email others about his service.

Also, when people receive help from quality resources, they will tell others. Word of mouth is one of the best free advertising mechanisms in existence.

Social networking is another way to inform people about a business directory. There are tons of social networking websites on the internet. Online directory owners should type in the keyword social networking sites in a popular search engine to obtain a smorgasbord of links. They should choose sites where their audiences are most likely to visit. For example, if the directory list websites for business opportunities, the owner should find social networking websites containing this target market.

How to Promote an Online Business Directory

Article marketing is another way to get the word out about an online directory. Owners can simply write and publish articles on how businesses and individuals will benefit from using their websites. They should make sure they use proper grammar. They should write articles on subjects that exemplifies their expertise. Underneath or above the article, the business owner should include a short bio, his business’ name and website address. These articles can be published in an article directory where other website owners will have the opportunity to cut and paste the article on their website. When other website owners place the articles advertising the online business directory, it gives even more publicity without marketing costs.

Articles can also be published in ezines. The owner of a directory can create an ezine to mail out to users weekly or monthly. This advertising approach will always bring the website back to the visitor’s memory. The key is to produce content that is interesting to the user. Due to the fact that many people receive a lot of junk emails, it is imperative that authors put a professional and appealing message in the subject line to entice readers to open the email.

Social networking is another way to inform people about a business directory.

Classified ads are another way to promote an online business directory. Classified ads can be used both online and offline. If posting online, directory owners should carefully research quality websites to place their ads. They must be aware that some classified websites only produce persons looking to advertise their own products and services. The ad may trigger lots of junk mail in the owners email account. However, if the directory owner is looking for businesses to advertise on his website, he should post his classified ad in as many classified ad websites as possible.

Offering free or low cost e-books is another way to advertise. The e-book can cover subjects such as business development, shopping, customer service and more. It should have an attractive and eye appealing cover. One page, at the beginning or end of the e-book, should contain information about the directory with an attached link to its website.

Online directories can benefit everyone. Businesses will have the opportunity to list their business which can be seen by millions. Individuals will be able to locate the companies offering products and services they need. Successfully advertising will match individuals with the companies they desire.


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