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Newspapers are experiencing a shift in their focus these days, and that shift has made many newspapers more popular and very efficient. There is no more trusted outlet for all of the local news in your area than a newspaper, and finding your local newspaper listed on a web directory is not unusual at all these days. There are still millions of people that enjoy buying a newspaper in the morning and then browsing through it to find any articles of interest that may catch their eye.

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But if you are looking for a reliable source of local news that can affect you and those around you, then there is no better source for updated versions of local news than the web presence of newspapers.

Local television station websites will give quick glances into the local stories that they feature each evening, and national publications rarely spend the time to dig deep into the local stories that interest you. The only way to find a source for hard-hitting local news in any web directory is to hunt down your local newspapers and take a look at their online content.

When it comes to focusing on the content and aspect of a newspaper, a newspaper is usually printed using black ink instead of color ink when it comes to large amounts of information and a great number of pages. Besides the aspect, a newspaper usually deals with what happens in the world as well as the political situation in a country. It is more general than the newsletter and this is why people go for this sort of publication, they are offered information on different topics.

Due to the fact that some of the newspapers are printed daily (the daily newspapers), there are billions and billions of copies sold in the entire world, just to keep the world well informed. Besides business, politics and event related info, some of the newspapers also offer entertainment pages where the reader can enjoy a few games or read some good jokes while they are on their ways to work.

Newspapers have evolved very much since the first time they appeared back around the 17th century. If then people would make you buy the newspaper, it is up to you nowadays and you can browse a web directory in order to find the subcategory that deals with this. It is simple and it is a matter of minutes to just click on what you are interested in and this site,, aims to offer you exactly what you need.

In many cases, newspapers will update their online content regularly to follow a breaking local story that people are interested in. It is the kind of coverage you will not get from any nationally-focused website, and it is reliable information from local professionals dedicated to bringing only the facts in every story they write.

Your local newspaper online is also one of the only ways that you can access the local calendars and important events for local groups that you may be a part of, or that you have an interest in joining. For hundreds of years now the local newspapers have been the central hub of information for a community, and having those newspapers show up in a web directory in the Internet age does not change the important role they play in supplying information to the community.


  • ABC News
    ABC News represents the news section of the American Broadcasting Company.

  • CBS News
    The news section of the American radio and TV network CBS. Features news and information from politics, entertainment, lifestyle, science & technology and more.

  • Chicago Tribune
    Online source for classifieds and local, state, and national news based out of the Chicago metropolitan area.

  • Christian Science Monitor
    Online publication that features daily international and U.S. news, as well as articles on healthy living, financial tips and more.

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer
    Online edition of the local news publication for the Cleveland area. Covers local and national news, sports events, business and entertainment.

  • Daily Mail
    UK-based newspaper featuring a number of topics ranging from entertainment, showbiz, sport, health, science and to money, economics and travel.

  • DailyChew
    News portal providing headline links to breaking news, politics, business, finance, and sports. Connects to several newspaper of international interest.

  • Denver Post
    The Denver Post newspaper covers local, national and international news as well as sports, features, and opinion.

  • Financial Times
    Provides a detailed analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies on a national and international scale. Addressing financers, investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Hartford Courant
    Provides readers with news, business sections, sports, entertainment, opinion, and classifieds.

  • Los Angeles Daily News
    Online edition of Los Angeles' main news provider. Offers both local and national news, sports, business news, marketplace and more.

  • Los Angeles Times
    Online edition of the Los Angeles Times, offering daily local, state, national, and world news, as well as sports, entertainment, business, and travel coverage. Also includes L.A. jobs, real estate, cars, and shopping.

  • Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
    Online newspaper that covers the latest news, sports, business, entertainment, and topics in regard to the community.

  • New Orleans Times Picayune
    Online version of New Orleans' daily newspaper, the Times-Picayune. Offers regional news, forums, photos, sports, entertainment, and classifieds.

  • New York Daily News
    New York City based newspaper that offers local, sports, business, and entertainment news and opinion.

  • New York Post
    Offers daily local news, opinion, celebrity gossip articles, sports, and tips in regard to various topics of general interest.

  • Newsday
    Daily newspaper for the New York City metro area, includes business, sports, travel, and entertainment news. Newsday provides local New York classifieds and real estate listings.

  • Newspaper Catalog
    Users can search this newspaper catalog for newspapers worldwide, based on title, region or language. Basically, a newspaper directory.

  • Orange County Register
    Offers local news, sports highlights, business analysis and more for Orange County, CA.

  • Oregonian
    Online newspaper offering news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and business coverage for Portland and the main surrounding areas.

  • Orlando Sentinel
    The website is the online edition of Orlando, Florida's main newspaper; covering topics of national and worldwide interest.

  • Philippine Star
    Online edition of the Philippine Star, a daily English language newspaper based in Manila. Features business, entertainment, sports and other news.

  • Round News
    Current events, entertainment, sports, breaking news and more.

  • San Antonio Express-News
    Offers local and national news, sports, various categories of classifieds, real estate listings , auto sales, entertainment, weather, and more.

  • San Francisco Chronicle
    Bay Area news, sports, business, entertainment, classifieds and more.

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