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How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing Plan through Social Networking?

Are you a small business owner who wants to expand the reach of your business? Are you a corporate marketing professional who wants to find new, creative ways to build an internet marketing plan for your clients? Are you looking for easy ways to convince clients that are not tech-savvy that they can generate more business and better customer reviews by taking advantage of social networking sites?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, then you are just a few steps away from launching a new internet marketing plan that combines social networking and translates into noticeable and impressive benefits for your business or the clients whom you serve. Keep in mind that social networking is not just for a young generation. Small and corporate business owners must be willing to invest in social networking to reach the widest audiences possible and to corral the power of the world wide web. Get started with social networking today, and watch your business take off!

Getting Started…It’s Free!

Perhaps the best feature of expanding you internet marketing plan by incorporating social networking is that social networking is free. All you need is an email address and a password when you sign up for a free account on any number of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In a matter of minutes, these networks will verify your email address and you can get started on posting updates and photos about your business. You do not need to download any programs. Social networking sites are self-contained interfaces that require you to sign up for a free account only. The networks keep your basic information safe and secure, and you can control who sees the business page you create to tell people about the products and services you offer.

Building an Audience

Once you have a social networking account, you need to let your clients know about it so that they can access your online business pages on these sites. Therefore, send out an email blast to your clients and ask them to pass along your page to friends and family members. You might want to offer an incentive to your clients and customers to forward your business social networking page to others. For example, offer to enter them into a drawing for a free service or product from your company if they forward your business page to 10 friends or family members. They can do this simply by posting a link to your page on their friends’ and family members’ social networking sites. You will see their posts in your news feed.

Posting News Updates

Posting news updates on your social networking pages are excellent ways to increase the image of your business and to cultivate new clients. Simply write short, timely messages about deals you are offering on your products or services, descriptions of a product-of-the-day, updates on the construction of your new business building, or simply a questions that asks for user input. An example is as follows: “Hello to all of our loyal customers! What do you love most about Product X? How can we improve our customer satisfaction and service?”

By offering a question, you will give your clients and customers the opportunity to tell you what you do best at your business and what they would like to see improved to make their overall experience a better one. Social networking about your business also gives you the opportunity to control the messages you send out to your clients and customers. Set up an internet posting plan in which you post one or two updates about your business on your social networking pages each day. By doing this, you keep your clients and customers enticed. They will expect updates from you every day, and they will be more likely to return to your page to get new information. This is especially useful if you post a discount or coupon or deal once a week or once a month using social networking.

You can hold drawing for free products or services by getting clients and customers to join your social networking page and then to post a comment beneath your daily update. Users of social media get excited about drawings such as these and are willing to post a comment beneath your news update because it is easy to do and it takes just seconds to enter into your drawing using this method.

Utilizing Photos to Expand Your Internet Marketing Plan

Photos on your social networking business page may be one of the most under-used features. Because a photo can add a new layer of information and can tell a client or customer something completely different in a way that is different and more creative than using words alone, you have to incorporate photos into your internet marketing plan. To do this, post a photo or a graphic of your company logo as the main image on your social networking page. This will be the first image that your clients and customers see when they visit your social networking page, and it will tell them something about your value and your worth as a business.

Then, post additional photos on your page, either as single photos for Photo-of-the-Day feature or as a gallery of photos that communicates something significant about your business. Your photos do not have to be serious. They simply have to be about your business. Post a photo from the work room during lunch or a photo of your office. Your clients will like that you are being open and that you are letting them into your world. The effects are all positive — renewed interest, increased trust and loyalty, and overall appeal for your business.

The Positive Effects of Social Networking for Your Business

When you let your clients and customers into your world, they feel they are part of something greater than you and themselves. They feel that they are part of your family and on the inside. This is exactly how you want them to feel. Achieve that feeling through your internet marketing plan that utilizes free social networking sites. Your current clients and your future customers will visit a one-stop site to learn everything about your mission, your products, and your services. They will see photos of your employees at work and your products being made.

They will read about the services you offer and read feedback from real former customers and clients that promotes the high-quality services and products you provide. They will read your mission statement and take in your main logo image. The will participate in the promotions, sales, and drawings that you offer them on your social networking business page. And as they participate and read and keep coming back, they will begin to trust you and you will develop a long-standing relationship with them. The customers that get to know you on your social networking business page will feel loyal to you, will keep coming back, and will invite others to trust you too!

Sign up for free social networking sites today and start expanding your internet marketing plan by posting on these sites. Whether you are a small business owner who is not super tech-savvy or a corporate business owner who finds social networking suspect, you will change your opinion of social networking once you see how using these free, online websites improve your business.

Once you begin creating an Internet buzz using free social networking sites, you will expand your audiences. Your customers and clients will pass along your social networking business page to friends and loved ones, who will read about your business and pass along the page to others.

Your audience widens without you having to do a lot of work, as social networking creates a domino effect for your internet marketing plan. In no time at all, you will increase the overall appeal and impression of your business and give your potential customers and clients a renewed trust in the products and services you have to offer them!

Get started today! The best part of an internet marketing plan that utilizes social networking is that it is completely free! All you have to do is sign up with your email and a unique password, and then start posting photos and news updates about your company’s products and services. It’s an easy way to expand your internet marketing plan with bigger results than the time and effort you put into it.


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