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Social Media Marketing – Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Social Media Marketing –  Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

There’s no doubt that you use social media in your personal life, and probably at some level to promote your small business. However, your competitors and other small businesses are also on social media, so you aren’t getting what you expected from your marketing efforts across social media platforms. The following will discuss some effective tips that will help you stand out from other businesses on social media.

  • Prepare and Implement Crisis Management – You probably have an anti-virus program on your computer and a recovery plan in place in case your system fails. That same concept is necessary for social media crisis management, especially for your marketing efforts. Negative comments, concerns, and questions should be immediately addressed. You can outsource a professional PR firm, or train people in your company do tactfully handle things.
  • Create Buyer Personas Via Social Media Data – Social media platforms are ideal for data gathering from your targeted potential customers. You can create buyer personas with online surveys, by looking at the current trends of your current customers, by using social media analytics, and by gathering regular feedback from sales.
  • Merge User-Generated Content – At its core, social media is designed for interaction. It’s a great way to engage with your customers, which includes sharing some of their own content across your social media networks.
  • Use Engaging and Unique Blog Content – The blog content you share on social media will either attract or repel people. Q&A blog posts rank high on search engines because many users are searching for answers on Google and other search engines. Success stories and case studies draw interest, especially if they address solving problems. These blog posts can be ideal for high conversions. Local news and topics relevant to your industry are great blog posts to share. Share blog posts that humanize your company like the inner workings of your business with employee images and fun things you might do at the office.
  • SEO Essentials and Long-Form Blog Posts – Blogging for your business means understanding the importance of an efficient SEO strategy. This includes aspects such as keyword research, long-tail keywords, h1 tags, effective subheadings, backlinks, relevant images with keywords, proper use of hashtags, and other SEO elements.
  • Make Smart Use of Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads should be included in your marketing budget and strategy. If you’re planning to spend money on Facebook advertising, use quality images, sales pages, and content.
  • Learn to Adapt – If you’re watching social media and marketing strategies, you should notice how they are constantly changing and evolving. You need to keep up with the changes and adapt your marketing efforts to match them.
  • Manage Twitter Chats with Hootsuite – Not only can you host a Twitter party/chat, but you can manage it via Hootsuite Chatting. This option helps you to also leverage better engagement on Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • Live Streaming Broadcasts – Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope provide livestreaming solutions that you should be using in your business marketing strategy. It gives people a face to put with your brand among other positive outcomes.

Use these tips across social media and boost your engagement and customers. You’ve got this!

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