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Links from Web Directories, Any Good for Google?

Is building links from web directories, any good for Google ranking purposes? It pays to get links from quality web directories. However, you need to keep a few points in mind while doing directory submissions. Let’s find out what they are. Also learn how you can get your sites approved and listed by high quality directories.

Qualify the Web Directory

Links from web directories actually help in Google rankings. However, not every directory is built and managed the same way. It is important that you qualify the web directories before you submit your website. The two points to look for in a web directory are:

1. Neatly arranged categories and
2. Links to quality sites

If the web directory don’t have a solid category structure, chances are high it looks like a link farm – not something Google likes. Check if the directory lists websites in neatly arranged categories. If the directory follows a solid category structure, rest assured it is worth your time.

Second point to note is the quality of sites that the directory links to. If the directory links to low quality sites, link farms, etc, your listing won’t get any link juice. Google usually ignores such directories. Check the quality of the sites that the directory links to. If it links to quality sites only, it is a good idea submitting your site to that directory.

Paid Vs Free Web Directory

It really doesn’t matter if you submit to a paid directory or free directory. Get the two qualifications right.

If a paid directory accepts payment and links to every website that shells out the money, Google will brand it as a low quality directory. The sites listed in such directories are not going to get any benefits from such directories.

However, directories that accept payments to ensure quality control purposes are a good choice. Look for careful review of submissions, approval of sites in the right categories and acceptance of only quality websites. Rest assured such a directory is worth your time and money.

Free web directories also are useful, if they follow the same structure and procedure as the high quality paid directories. If the directory reject low quality submissions and arrange the high quality sites neatly into categories, it is a good choice. The truth is, Google doesn’t see any difference between the two.

Quality Check for Web Directories

There are only two points to check: neatly arranged categories and links to quality sites. That is the only quality check you will ever need. If you get these two points right, you can forget everything else.

How to Submit Your Site to High Quality Web Directories

With a little bit of research, you can discover several hundreds of high quality web directories that have business websites arranged neatly into relevant categories.

After locating the directories, submit your site to the appropriate category. Quality free directories will reject your site if you submit to the wrong category.

Enter site details in the right areas. The directories usually need you to submit your website URL, business name and a brief description of your business. These are details people will see when browsing the categories.

You will also need to provide your email address. Expect some promotional emails from the owners of the directories. So, it is a good idea to use a separate email address for directory submission purposes.

Avoid directories that automatically approve your listings. This is important because low quality sites and spammers will submit their site to such directories. In other words, such directories will have links to several dozens of low-quality sites. Your listing will be crowded out by such listings. You don’t want to waste your time chasing such directories.

Think of User Experience

Don’t put all your focus on getting web directory links solely for the purpose of Google ranking. Think if real users would get a positive experience using those directories. If it does, you can get direct traffic from those directories. Google ranking comes closely behind.

Keep a Record of Your Submissions

Simplest way is to use a spreadsheet to track your submissions. Keep details like date of submission and date of approval.

How Long Does it Take to Approve Your Listing?

It normally takes up to 14 days before your listing is approved. If it takes longer than that, you may need to avoid those directories in the future.

Now you know if getting links from web directories is any good for Google ranking purposes. More than Google ranking, it is about establishing your presence in high quality directories in the internet. Think this way and your directory submission plans can give you rich dividends – in more ways than one.


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