Top 10 E-commerce Development Best Practices

If your business operates in the e-commerce sector, your business has unique development needs that could impact your results in a major way. E-commerce trends show that breaches and other hacks pose a continuous challenge.

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What Is Web Hosting and The Types of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting? To explain this, first I have to let you know what a server is.

A server is a very powerful computer, probably more than 10 times or even 100 times more powerful than what you have at home.

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Most Valuable Colors in Logo Design 2017 and How Not to Misuse Them

2017 is the Year of Fire Rooster according to Chinese Horoscope, the Year of new skills in Estonia and the Year of green color according to Pantone.

No wonder that everyone who wants to create new logos for their companies pays a special attention to green as a basic color for the logo. However, according to the statistics, green is only the sixth popular color in major logo designs. It’s well-known that if the color is popular among logo designers it may only mean that this color is effective and has influenced people in a necessary way. Let’s find out which colors are successfully used in logo design creation and perhaps it will help you decide which color to use to design your future logo.

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Marketer’s Guide to Excellent Site Structure AND Search Engines Love

If you have a business website or any other website, then you have a certain steps that you want the visitors to take and make the action either purchase the products or services. Otherwise, they learn about your product or services, then performing the sort of things. Whether the people or visitors are actually reach those goals and how to navigate the visitors through your business website.

The best website are created with the clean understanding about the visitors interest, requirements and what they expectation based on these criteria they can build the website most probably the website will be supported to the visitor requirements.

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The Challenge Of Keeping Web Visitors Interesting

Your website is the key to online business. You’ve gone to great lengths, and probably no small expense, to outline all of your services, your price structure, and even provide a shopping cart, if you are a retailer. You’ve found a payment gateway to process online payments, and you are ready to take orders. But, the orders have slowed down.

Your ranking on the search engines is determined, in part, by how many click-throughs you get on your site. The amount of time people spend on each page, and whether or not they go from one page to another is also recorded, and figures in to your ranking. What can you do to keep users interested in your website?

Design and Function

Design and function are key in keeping people engaged on your website. If you have a lot of Flash, you may actually drive people away.

  • Keep it simple. While some products or services may benefit from a dramatic, active website, most retailers and service providers will not benefit from a website that is too busy. Remember, the more stuff you have flashing, moving, and making noise on your website, the slower it will take to download. Most people looking to spend money don’t want slow downloading.
  • Make it readable. Your text and background should contrast enough to be legible. You can use colors other than black and white for your text, but just remember that if the visitor’s eyes get tired, he’ll quit reading. You want them on the page as long as possible.
  • Make it navigable. There are website designs that are almost an interactive challenge, with floating tabs, and links that fade in and out. This might be fun for someone bored at work, but if you are trying to sell a product, you don’t need to play games with the prospective customer. The customer shouldn’t have to guess where the shopping cart icon will pop-up next time on your screen, and certainly shouldn’t have to stress over whether or not he can click it before it fades out again.
  • Make it businesslike. The only time you should use a butterfly as a cursor is if you run a butterfly sanctuary. If you want to convey a sense of beauty, you can do it with design and color. If you want a sense of nature, do it with design and color. Don’t make your website look like a third grader’s Lisa Frank binder exploded on your website.
  • Provide widgets. You can find widgets just about anywhere online, and they can add some punch to your website. If you change them out, people will keep coming back to see what’s new.
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    5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Marketing Methods

    In the digital age of marketing, attention spans are shorter and the competition between brands has grown much more intense. Best marketing methods are consistently changing to keep up with the demand of both consumer and competitor, so it’s important to regularly monitor marketing efforts to ensure that your brand’s message is delivered clearly and effectively.

    Create Visual Stimulation

    Using photos to deliver a brand message can be very effective, and often has a greater outreach to potential clients and investors than written messages alone. Whether sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter, or reaching out to the audience via mobile apps such as Instagram, visual stimulation helps PC’s to gain a more personal insight into the brand.

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    Developing a business plan

    If you a are small business owner, it is critical to understand how to effectively write a business plan. If you are wishing to establish a home-based business, please read this post for instructions and advice on how to proceed.

    Training has had new meaning for millions of Americans and businessmen worldwide. The steer for financial self-sufficiency has been a motivating factor for massive numbers of entrepreneurs to promote their abilities and talents from home based earnings. Increasingly service-oriented market presents a broad prospect for internet and other personalized business expansion.

    Though untrained entrepreneurs who did not do their homework nor plan ahead effectively have often resulted to collapse of their businesses, small enterprise can be profitable. There are many resources on the internet to help the small business owner get off the ground, even if they themselves have never developed a business plan.

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    Advantages of business cards nowadays

    Any business whether large or small, business cards play a significant role in their success.

    These cards are usually printed and contain valuable information about the name of the business, contacts, the activities that the business is involved in, profession information if its for an individual and any relevant information which may be regarded as necessary.

    Business cards form one of the most important tools which can be used in advertising for an individual or a company or any business. These cards have great importance to the success of any business which may include the following:

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    Advertising your business via web directories

    I have to say that over the last several years it seems harder and harder for a website to get any notice unless you are willing to spend truckloads of money on a professional PR campaign. That was until I started doing some research on topics dealing with page ranking with search engines and other services that help improve your chances of getting noticed.

    One type of service I found and use quite frequently now are web directories. While doing my research I found that advertising your business via web directories can have a huge impact on your page ranking as well as just generally getting the word out.

    Part of the page ranking formula is how many other sites link or have links to your website. By advertising your business via web directories you are affording yourself those links all on your own. No more waiting for someone to notice you and link to you. Do it yourself. I couldn’t believe how quickly this helps.

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    Dealing with web directories

    After I graduated high-school and before I decided that I should be applying for college, I tried to find something to work because it was about time to wake up and make a living, so I sent my CV at several IT shops, clothes stores and malls, but it seemed that there wasn`t anything left for me. This is why I tried to find another solution to get through life with the help of the Internet, after I heard that a good friend of mine has started his own business this way. I decided to give it a shot too, without thinking that I could come across such thing as web directories.

    I was surfing on the Internet one day, searching for “how to get a job” and this is how I found out an article about the web directories. I read some more about what web directories are, how to deal with them and I had the brilliant idea to call some of my friends and propose them to group and try to make a mini-company that works with web directories, especially with people that want to get their sites promoted through web directories and the services they offer.
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