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The effectiveness of Web Directories

As stated in the other articles related to web directories, web directories are used for making links or sites more known, popular, among readers and visitors, placing them among the first results. So they appear in the top 10 results let`s say, when somebody is using the search engine in order to find information about a word, called “keyword”. But how effective are these web directories, do they really do their job as they are supposed to?

Due to the fact that there have been many controversies when it comes to the effectiveness of the web directories, if you are a client then it is vital for you to find out precise data that shows if the web directory you have chosen did its job properly, because if you do so you can decide whether you will renew or not. It is not worth it if you continue paying just to see that directories are not going to increase your income, neither will they bring you more visitors.

There are certain ways to evaluate if a web directory produces the results that you want. There can be made a couple of surveys for the visitors right at their arrival on the page, to ask them where have they found out about the site and see if the web directories are efficient. If the survey plan doesn`t work out as planned, you could try using sites that deal with checking the efectiveness of web directories. You can go on those sites and see how is aparticular directory doing, they show you the exact results.

You could also ask your visitors individually where from did they found out about your page, but most of them won`t be able to recall so you can`t determine whether the web directory you chose is efficient or not, so the best idea still remains the web sites.

By using sites, you can get percentages that help you decide upon the effectiveness we were talking about. You can get maximum benefits from both free and paid web directories, if you know how to do it, though it is highly recommanded that you choose the paid directories even if you hve to pay several hundred dollars, because they are way more effective.

Another method you can use if you would like to see how your visitors found out about your page would be downloading a feature that you can apply for free on your site, and so you can see who visited you, from which page or search endine did they come and other useful information that can be displayed until resetting. It is useful and simple and this is why most people use it for their sites or blogs.

If you see that your web directory didn`t do its best, don`t be too disappointed because there is no web directory that can be 100% effective, not even the expensive ones that promise you to be among top 10 results.


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