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A brief introduction to content marketing

Quality content is definitely a must for your website, blog or any other online platform in order to generate visibility, credibility and revenue for your business. Content marketing however, constitutes the means and methods through which you exploit said quality content.

In this article, we will also take a look into the Social Media aspect of content marketing, the Dos and Don’ts and a few tips and tricks to kick off your business through intelligent methods of promoting your services or products.

Content marketing

Simply posting regular, quality content on your website might not be enough. Sure, you’ll rank higher in Google’s search queries and the users that get to read it will be pleased. But the whole idea is to know how to market that content as well. After all, it’s your primary product through which all your other services are being made visible and known to the wider audience.

There are a few sure ways through which you can market your content. Try adding e-books, tutorials, guides, webinars, attach a blog, pictures and videos to your website. All of these are regarded as editorial content with the purpose of giving your prospective customers that little ‘extra’ nudge towards using your services or buying your products.

It’s all about traffic

Creating Social Media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube is the way to go when the end scope is generating traffic. Of course, just setting up a profile there won’t be enough. Upload videos, post photos and status updates, tweet away and +1 stuff. Absolutely everything in this regard has to be done with one thing in mind – linking back to your website and your products.

The beauty of employing several profiles is that you can share in-between them as well. So for example, you upload a video on YouTube that presents one of your services or products. Views start adding up – but you want more! The next step is to share the video on your Facebook profile. Then, you will have two different audiences which will eventually lead themselves back to where your interest lays – your website.

Don’t try and oversell anything. If a reader comes buy and you tell him that ‘You must buy this or that because it’s what you need and only we can offer it’, you’ll probably end up driving them away. Why? Because it’s all about credibility – and overselling or trying too hard to push a product towards a customer will generate a considerable loss in credibility.

Keep the content rich, interesting and quality-driven. As for the social media aspect, keep one thing in mind: there’s a reason it’s called ‘social’ media. You’ll have to avoid spamming users with useless stuff – instead, be yourself and sell the human aspect of your business as well. Respond to questions, promote the content you receive from your user base and be constantly active.


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