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There is practically nothing anyone can do in this modern world without the use of electricity. But as useful, important and indispensable as electricity is, it doesn't come without so much danger that could lead to injuries, physical deformation, even death. This is why it is necessary for home owners to understand electricity and certain safety tips that can reduce electrical accidents in the home - especially where there are very young children.

One of the biggest temptations people have is plugging several cords into one particular extension cord or outlet. This is not a healthy practice since it can easily result in a house fire or even damage to electrical systems of the entire house. And if you're someone that makes use of plenty of cords in the house it is important that you fix your cords neatly, arrange them nicely and orderly, so as to keep them away from pets who might chew on them and people who might trip over them.

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Your habit towards electrical systems, appliances and installations in your home will go a long way into ensuring electric safety and preventing fire hazards. Make sure that you turn off all appliances when they're not in use, especially before you go to bed every night. In the same manner it is very useful for you to keep an eye on all your plug outlets and sockets. Pay attention to any form of frayed or burnt wire appliances, get problems and faults fixed as soon as you discover them. This is the main reason why you should avoid running wires under carpets and other floor coverings where they are not visible to the eye. In such hidden places its hard to detect when they are damaged.

Don't jam appliances like monitors, computer systems, television and clocks together since they generate large amounts of heat. You should also try to avoid draping toys and warm clothes over them. Make sure you follow all the instructions related to each appliances very carefully and never ever try to repair them by yourself unless you're a professional electrical appliance technician. Ensure the wattage of a bulb is in agreement with the fixture you want to put it into, to avoid any form of overheat. Consider switching to the use of compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) that consume less wattage and still produce quality illumination.

Depending on how your home is designed, make sure you find the most effective method to prevent little children from having access to electrical outlets. Children are totally innocent and unaware of the dangers of electrical shocks so it is your responsibility to protect them. Keep water away from any area where there is electricity, and avoid placing water or other liquids on top of electrical appliances whether they are plugged or not.

Don't yank electrical cords out of the socket because it can cause serious damage to the cord, the outlet or even the appliance itself. Be careful. If you notice that switches get hot often, people get shock, circuit breakers trip off or fusses blow off then something is wrong. Find the problem and fix it immediately.