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Top Ways To Sell Your Art & Gain A New Audience

Author: Robert Gombos

It’s very tough these days being an independent artist, not only producing the content but you also need to be selling it and promoting yourself. Basically you’re running your own small business and promotion and sales is a big part of that so having a strategy to be able to make those sales is something you’ll need to learn how to do, it probably isn’t the most natural thing in the world to you but it’s really not that difficult and once you get going you should see it’s not that bad.

Local Galleries & Exhibitions

It’s a basic and time honored way of doing it but you really need to be exhibited to get noticed and make those important sales. Not only is it a simple way of exhibiting your work but it’s key to being noticed and becoming part of the local scene, for this reason it’s not only important to exhibit your own work but to visit as many of your contemporaries exhibitions as if you support them then hopefully you’ll get the same in return. If you’re a little unsure I’d recommend checking out this great guide to setting up an exhibition. Be sure to put the effort in and make sure if it’s a joint exhibition to include your fellow exhibitors fully and see that you all have a good experience and keep the art community spirit alive.

Online Promotion & Sales

These days you can’t run or promote anything without an online presence and being a working artist is no different to any other small business. You’ll need to start with building a website and there are really two different ways of doing this; you can use a website host and builder such as GoDaddy which will get you a basic site for relatively little; alternatively you can hire a professional designer to get you a bespoke site and fit it to your requirements. You’ll also want a social media presence, especially Instagram since it’s so visual,but also don’t forget Facebook for building a following and Twitter is always good for starting conversations (or arguments if you’re so inclined) or making announcements and updates about exhibitions and shows.

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You’ll also want to find a way of selling your work online. One way is to have an online store attached to your website which will be good to capitalize on any interest you are generating online. Another good avenue is to us an online vendor to sell prints of your work, it’s really easy as all you need to do is to upload digital versions of your work and they can use their site that sells wall art worldwide, allowing you to receive commission without all the sales work and I always feel it’s a great feeling to know that through methods like this someone you’ll never know and never meet will have a bit of your art as part of their daily family routine.

Local Businesses

Being active and visible in the local (non art) community is a real key as well. You can persuade local businesses to display, and often sell, your work. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement is great as it gives them something local and independent to display on their walls and you get that exposure. There are also many local tourism places that love to support local artists and visitors to the area get to take home some of your local culture, I know you’ll probably never get to know who bought it and never meet them but it’s always a nice touch that someone thought enough of your work to take it home with them.

Donate Pieces To Good Causes

A great way of getting some exposure while helping a good cause can be to donate some of your work to charity. There are many great ways to do this such as the organisation paintings in hospitals which would get your work displayed and you’ll get a credit. It can really lift the mood of those in a difficult situation and is really showcasing one of the great positive and powerful aspects of what art is really for.

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