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Top 5 PDF Software in 2018 for Small Business

If you are an avid PDF user then you must attest to the fact that the PDF world is fast evolving. Lots of new features are being integrated into PDF software in every new version but which of these PDF tools stand a cut above the rest? Well, we have done some digging for you and we have compiled 5 of the best pdf editing software in 2018. Yes, these are the PDF tools that every PDF user particularly businesses ought to know and use. So, let’s delve in deeper, shall we?

1. PDFelement 6 ($59.95)

PDFelement 6 is a full-featured PDF Editor application that is very easy to use and is represented as the best value for money spent. PDFelement 6 uses a lot of inspiration from Microsoft Office just like any other PDF editor. So, if you’re familiar with Office 2007 or later, you’ll instantly feel at home with PDFelement 6.

The PDFelement 6 interface is very clean and intuitive and easy to use. This app can handle virtually anything PDF be it creating PDF, Editing PDF like a pro, converting PDF or from PDF to and fro any file type, handling PDF forms in batch, annotating PDF, adding comments on PDF and much more. Interesting, right?

In unprotected documents, you can simply press the “Edit text” button and immediately make edits. Unlike some other PDF editors that force you to give “Tipex” above the text then overwrite it with new text, PDFelement allows you to select and modify text just like you do in Word. Interestingly, you can also select and move images at will, remove elements and import new images.

As you would expect from paid products, this app allows you to protect documents, create forms and sign documents.

The price of a PDFelement is $ 59.95 much cheaper than other apps with the same features. If you need OCR capability to convert your scanned results into editable text, you can get them for $ 99.95. Meanwhile, the OCR is available to up to 23 languages.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC ($15 Per Month)

This list will not be complete without the PDF gold standard. After all, it is the company that introduced PDF over 2 decades ago. Well, Adobe Acrobat DC is a PDF software bundled with virtually every PDF feature you can think of! It is a tool dedicated to mobile functionality coupled by the ability convert PDF files into multiple HTML pages in addition to the standard Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document. You can also use this software to convert scanned PDFs to editable PDFs plus you can also combine multiple documents into a single PDF. You can also make good use of Adobe’s cloud storage and security features like e-signatures, redacting PDFs, and passwords protections on PDFs.

3. Foxit Phantom 8 PDF Editor ($110+, $60 For Education Version)

Foxit is not a new name in the world of PDF and the Foxit Phantom 8 is one with a very sleek interface with everything clearly organized coming together with bundle video tutorials to get you started. This PDF software has every feature for creating and modifying PDFs, including text and object editing, drag-and-drop page ordering, document merging/splitting, and page extraction. It also has a good selection of annotation tools to help you add feedback on PDF documents, a feat that can be good for collaboration in business.

4. Nitro Pro 11 ($160)

Nitro tool is one other tool that is clearly giving the like Adobe a run for their money. The Nitro Pro 11 is full of PDF features tailored for businesses including content editing tools, review, and markup feature form fill and signing capability, and security tools like permissions, password protection, and data redaction. Well, it may not support as many file formats as PDFelement and Adobe but it has all the vital ones. The UI design draws inspiration from the MS office ribbon design meaning that it is pretty easy to navigate around all the tasks you may want to undertake

5. Nuance ($90+)

Nuance is yet another powerful PDF editor that has joined the wagon-using MS office ribbon design in the UI joining other PDF powerhouses like Nitro Pro and Foxit Phantom. This intuitive design makes it super easy to move around and find any PDF feature you many want to use. Be it scanning documents into PDFs, creating PDFs from scratch, Converting PDFs, Annotating PDFs or adding security features to PDFs, everything is well-laid out for you. The best of the software’s features has got to be the security tools which allow you to redact sensitive content and control access to PDFs and certain functions through permissions and password encryption not to mention that you can go as far as applying Microsoft rights management system (RMS) security.

Final Remarks:

2018 is yet another year where we expect more and more businesses to join in the PDF revolution and evolution. This means that PDF software will also grow in popularity but we expect the top guns in the game to keep their spot, perhaps even get better as they battle for supremacy. The beauty is that is that this evolution will certainly see more businesses improve efficiency hence boosting productivity.


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