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Strengthen Your Internet Technology Beyond The Internal Systems

Companies invest heavily on computers and equipment to manage their day-to-day activities. When computers and mobile devices are involved, you can be sure to invest in security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, encryption software, etc. too. But, you might be forgetting that Internet security goes beyond these internal things. Here are more tips to secure your technology.

Be aware of how your websites are functioning

When websites first popped up, they were just a resource for information. Most were just filled with text and pictures. Now websites function more than just online brochures. They include databases of customer information, inventory management, payment portals, etc. Your websites communicate with other websites and third parties and something can go wrong in the course of that communication.

Your customers’ information (credit card numbers, personal records, etc.) can be compromised so you should have the entirety of your website scanned. If you are using a third-party code, you should scan that as well to identify vulnerabilities and fix them right away.

Review your system as a whole

It is important that your operations are secure both internally and externally. Examine how effective every business unit’s security is. To easily see how your business functions, create a flow chart of your daily functions. Review how safe each step is and identify any threats. Start preparing for those threats.

Ask for security advice

If you can’t hire a security expert, consider consultancy. Invite a security expert to review your current protocols and suggest ways on how to improve them. This person can also identify potential threats and can help you build a program to combat them. You need the point of view of an expert because he can ask you the right questions. He can create crisis scenarios that can possibly happen to your business. You can get valuable security insights from this person so it is worth the investment.

Don’t stop just yet

There is no perfect security. If a thief wants to steal from you, he will find ways to do so. You should be diligent and look out for potential threats every day. Read about what’s going on in your industry (new threats, new upgrades, new security protocols, etc.) so you are always up-to-date. Review your methodologies periodically to ensure that they are still relevant to the current situation. Vulnerabilities and threats are constantly evolving and so must your security measures.

There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ security protocol. You need to tailor fit your security protocols to your type of business and your daily requirements.


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