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Spare Time: my Old Hp Z800 Workstation Upgrade its New Purpose

Lately I’ve been thinking of a solution to host some of the blogs and projects I have on a dedicated server. My ISP provided me with some static IPs and two connections of 1 GB/s (up / down). Of course, my first love came through my mind: the Z800 workstation, my first love. Because I work a lot in the photo/video industry, I bought another system, custom-made so I cheated on my first love.

She was upset and retreated to her room, in a corner, and covered herself with clothes that I no longer wore and kept to donate to someone.

I thought to myself … what if …?

I left all the projects aside and ran to buy some old clothes from Chanel: 48 GB RAM, two SSDs, a few SAS hard drives, a controller for them and I got the job done. I must admit that I had a moment of nostalgia, a kind of bad opinion about myself mixed with joy. I thought about how long I used this workstation. As I learned to work in Photoshop and Premiere… awesome times.

I should point out that Z800 never had any problems. So I put on the cleaner, wiped the dust, replaced various stuff.

Then I installed Centos with WHM / Cpanel. I removed the graphics card because my old love now has another role in my life and no need to show the world what she is capable of. Now she runs silently and breathes like a newborn. :)


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