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Online Advertising Vs. Offline Advertising: expand your consumer base with online advertising

Author: Robert Gombos

Online advertising is the technique of advertising through the internet. Earlier, advertising was restricted to the print, television, and radio media only. However, with the advancement of technology, the internet, too, has proven to be an excellent platform for the companies to publicize their services and products.

In comparison, Online advertising vs. Offline advertising, the former emerges to be a sure shot winner because of its compelling advantages over the offline advertising technique.

Online advertising vs. Offline advertising: Why is online advertising a wiser choice?

This is the age of the internet. People are looking for every kind of information over the web. By giving a web exposure for your company through online advertising, you will gain on the following grounds:

– Increase in the frequency of sales

Online advertising allows people to buy your goods instantly. With online payment portals, credit and debit cards, people are capable of making purchases around the clock.

If your online advertisement impresses them, they will buy the products in a matter of minutes. Undoubtedly, online advertising has shrunk the time between catching of leads and their conversion manifold.

On the other hand, offline advertising cannot give you such instant results. You will have to prepare an impressive advertisement and if your prospective customer likes it, he will interact with you by calling or visiting you. Hence, there is no instant sale when you concentrate only on offline advertising.

– Making it easier for people to locate your company

One of the major elements of online advertisement is the website address. A person, who is interested in your services, will just have to click on your company advertisement, and he will be directed to your website. In case, he forgets the name of your company, he can still find you through the search engines.

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Therefore, online advertisement provides a wider scope for your company to reach the potential consumers.

On the contrary, offline advertising involves advertisements in magazines, newspapers and the like. If accidentally, the consumer loses the advertisement that appeared in a newspaper, then there is no way that he could retrieve the name of your company. In the meanwhile, an advertisement from a rival company may catch his fancy, and you may never gain him as your client. Hence, your investment in the offline advertisement runs the risk of losing potential customers very easily.

Hence, online advertising is a confirmed winner in Online advertising vs. Offline advertising.

– Provide ease to the consumer

When a consumer discovers your online advertisement, he can click on it to gain more information regarding your company and its services. When he reaches your website, he has the liberty to look through the services at his own pace and convenience. He is at ease and does not feel any pressure to make a purchase.

Every consumer wants to be well informed before making a purchase, and online advertising lets him gain knowledge about products indiscreetly.

On the other hand, in offline advertising, the consumer does not get any scope to learn about the company without drawing attention. The media like television, magazines, and newspapers provide limited knowledge about a company’s products. Hence, the customer remains doubtful of the quality of the products and dilly-dallies.

The above mentioned points clearly point out that when it comes to Online advertising vs. Offline advertising, the online advertising promises more scope for generating goodwill and long lasting relationship with the prospective consumers.

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Types of online advertisements

When it is Online advertising vs. Offline advertising, online advertising is a better investment as it provides multiple ways of advertising.

Read on to know the variety of methods that you can use to make your company more popular:

– Advertisements through texts

This is the simplest form of online advertising. Your company’s advertisement will be in a simple text format. There will not be any graphics in the advertisement.

– Advertisements through graphics

Graphics are a great way to attract consumers. These advertisements are known as Display ads. With your company advertisement infused with beautiful graphics, there is no question that in case of Online advertising vs. Offline advertising, the online advertising has a powerful edge over the offline one.

– Advertisements through videos

Video is a highly impressive tool for advertising. Due to fast broadband connection, video ads download speed and thus, they have become very popular amongst the masses. Some companies use the same videos for online advertising as the ones they broadcast on television. In this way, people are able to make a quick connection and identify the company fast for their products.


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