Marketing for Free Directories Websites

You all might be familiar with the term marketing. But these days, Internet and online businesses have become quite popular almost all over the world, the way of doing marketing has also been changed by the companies. They shifted to internet marketing from traditional marketing. There are various tools present on the internet for promoting products and services. So it is extremely vital to know which internet techniques or tools will boost your business.

Today every company creates and manage its own niche and tries to be on the top pages of search engines. Many companies spend a huge amount on marketing to show its presence in this competitive market. There are numerous paid and free services for promoting goods and services. One such popular tool on the internet is free directories which provide free services to their clients.

Free web directories
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Free directories proven to be one of the best ways of publishing websites, articles, blogs or forums. This is simply a great way to drive traffic to your website absolutely free. There are plenty of free directories available over the internet that offers people with wide opportunities to get hold of more and more readers. Now the question arises how to submit? The submission process is quite easy. There are several ways through which you can publish your articles or blogs. Some of the ways through which you can complete your submission process are:

Submission process through softwares

There are many types of software available in the market that can be used for submission of articles and blogs over the various free directories. The process of submission through software is much easier and you need not go through the complex process of article submission.

Once you're ready with the content the software completes the remaining tasks and automatically submits the content to various free directories. It is very convenient and also saves a lot of time. To use these softwares you need to open an account with various free directories that provides this facility.

Manual submission

It is the traditional method (and the best) of submitting contents over free directories. It is quite a complex process and time consuming. But still many of the marketers uses this conventional method of marketing for promoting their products and services, though the process is free of cost but it consumes lots of time. So it is better to go ahead with the submission process through softwares.

Free directories offer a great platform for users to see your link before your competitors who do not use this technique. It provides free listing of topics under specific categories. The various topics over free directories creates a backlink to your website which helps to drive traffic to your website. But you need to update your content regularly to be on the high pages of rankings of the biggest search engines.

The greatest advantage of free directories is that it drives traffic for your site without investment. Just you need to upload the content related to your products and services with a back link to your website. Creating more backlink means more visitors for your site. Free directories are also in search new and reliable content and displays free listing of any business links in this directory.

Time is very valuable for web users. By searching for a specific type of site they come across with other multiple business sites of the same product and services over the free directories. This saves the user time and the promoters time and money to connect with future potential customers. Free directories provide very effective and valuable services for their clients.


  • Celebrity Content
    A free niche directory of celebrity related websites and articles.

  • DMOZ (Open Directory Project)
    A directory of websites organized by broad categories that are then organized further by subcategories. Most subcategories are broken down further into more specific categories. Along with the titles of each site listed, there is a short one-sentence neutral description of what each site is about.

  • FFA Cat
    This website will crawl a url and add it's meta tag content to a searchable database. Submissions are free but require approval before being listed.

  • Lotto-Logix
    Provides a niche directory of lottery related articles, software and websites.

  • Raikhola
    A web directory organized by category. Users can websites and articles for free.

  • SoMuch Directory
    Besides a regular listing, the SoMuch Directory also sells text ads. You can buy them for one month, three months, six months, and one year.

  • The SEO King
    A free directory that has the goal of "helping websites improve their SEO standing".

  • The WWW Virtual Library
    A guide to selected resources across all the main academic areas. The original web directory of Tim Berners-Lee.