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Take A Break From Your DSLR To Give A Chance to Some of the Best Photography Apps

The world is advancing to the better be it about the technology or an app that helps you achieve greater photography skills. While a number of people like to have their DSLR by their sides, when going for the photography, there is an alternative way available for getting that perfect shot just by installing the best photography applications. And with so may photography applications available in the App Store, it is really a tough task to choose the best one among a variety of apps that offer almost similar functionality.

To take the burden off your shoulders, here are the extracts from an extensive research to find the top-rated photography apps available for the users. The choices are overwhelming for every photographer who loves to have his/her own DSLR in the smartphone in the form of a photography app.

Here Comes the Comprehensive List of Some of the Best Photography Apps

1. Elements of Photography

In case you wish to learn photography, elements of photography can seem to be the best buddy to you. The app teaches you the skills of the photography in the most professional way. It takes a different direction to teach the hacks to the users by using still images of every feature and then presenting a brief commentary on the same to let users know the significance of the same. The app is equally important for the beginners and experienced photographers as well. The app brings two chapters about photography and the quizzes after every lesson.

2. The Great Photo App

The app is just great when it comes to learning the basics of photography through easy hacks. Besides providing the basics on photography, there are lessons on lighting and composition to let users know the significance of every single element of a photograph. The chapters have been broken down into simple and easy-to-understand lessons. There is a little task given to the users at the end of every lesson to ensure they remember everything that has been taught in the in-app lessons. The app will cost you $2.99 in the App Store.

3. Photography Tips

This photography application is for all those users who use Windows phones. This app is really a dream come true for every photography enthusiast owing to the exceptional features the application offers to them. There are photo editing tips and tricks, video tutorials, well-explained lessons, and even techniques for taking photos using different kinds of photography. The interface is simple which makes it easy for every user to browse through the same. An internet connection is all that is required to access the videos.

4. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Better known as TPE, The Photographer’s Ephemeris is among one of the best photography application for the users. It is the best for planning a location shoot. This type of learning photography applications is a bit different than other regular apps because of some exceptional features. The users can drop a pin on the map to get the time of sunset, sunrise, moonrise, and moonset for a specific date. This one-of-its-kind feature in the Photographer’s Ephemeris makes it one of the best choices for the photographer lovers across the globe.

5. Photography Tutorials

Advertised as the single application that has the largest collection of photography tools, Photography Tutorials is one of the best photography apps that define the photography hacks in the most professional ways. It includes the largest collection of photography articles too that are defined in an easy-to-understand language. The topics are well-organized and offer an easy access to the users. The app is available for free in the Android store and covers a massive range of topics for everyone who wants to learn the photography hacks.

6. Stuck On Earth

Stuck on Earth is the savior for those who have chosen a location but have not been there before. This makes it even complex to find out the perfect shooting locations at a place you have never been before. There comes the usefulness of Stuck On Earth photography application. The app finds your location on the best shooting application. The users can find an area on the map and zoom in to see the entire ambiance. The users can use the photography application on a variety of devices right from the tablets to the iPads & more.

7. Photographer Free

There are 60 how-to articles in the app that arranged in categories that offers an easy navigation in the applications. The app has a depth of field (DOF) calculator that is just exceptional when it comes to shooting the application. The app calculator is just wonderful when it comes to shooting in the low-light outside areas. There are notes that offer extensive app learning to the users. They can also set up personally preferred camera settings when shooting.

The Closing Notes

Right from removing unwanted objects from a photograph to use the latest exposure, cropping, and color techniques in a picture, photography applications have come a long way to offer everything to the users. The above-mentioned applications are just great when it comes to learning the hacks of the photography. In case, you are someone who would like to take the photography lessons, try to install the apps mentioned here. This will not only help you grow in terms of a photographer but also help to learn the hacks for the same.


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