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Small Business Marketing for Beginners

As a small business owner, marketing is obviously the last thing on your mind. You will always imagine that spending on marketing is time-consuming and not so important. Wrong!

To increase your customers, you will need to market your business. This is something we all find difficult especially if you are on a low budget. That is why, for small business owners, we rarely spend money on billboards and other expensive advertising methods.

All in all, that doesn’t mean you can’t market your business effectively and still get the best out of marketing. If you are looking for various ways to market while on a tight budget, this article is in your best interest.

In this article, therefore, we are going to discuss various ways through which you can market your business effectively. Shall we get started?

  1. Social media

Contrary to the opinion of most people, social media isn’t just for fun and checking what your friend has posted. It offers a vast number of audience who you can easily capture their attention. However, this idea can be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, there are a few platforms that will offer free online marketing for small businesses.

You will also have to encourage your customer’s to always leave a review of the services they were provided with. Collecting positive reviews will attract future customers. However, do not ignore the negative reviews if you have any. They offer a valuable insight into the areas that you should improve on in your business. This will help build your reputation on the platform.

Additionally, you also have the chance to post content explaining the services you offer. You can also use online contests and other incentives to attract customers.  Build a strong online presence and watch your customer base grow.

Did you know that most of the online searches are usually location sensitive? That is, most of the searches end in offline purchases too.

  1. Website

This is a must-have for any small business. Having your own website makes it possible for clients to search your business on Google. This will enable your users to have a more basic description of your products and services.

You can also improve the quality and search results of your website by ensuring the posts are SEO optimized. Make your website effective by ensuring the information is clear and understandable. Additionally, the platform will ensure that you are easily accessible hence your location, contact information and hours you spend on the business should be provided on the platform.  You can also include a blog and some customer testimonials.

  1. The Right Partnerships

No man is an island. That also applies to your small business. For it to grow, you will need to have productive partnerships that will, in the end, promote your business. This will help both of you grow your businesses. Consider the two businesses not as rivals but as brothers helping each other climb a wall. For instance, you can promote each other products by giving t-shirts to your customers that have labels of your partner’s business.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have competitors. It only means that you should look for businesses that complement each other, not a rival business.

  1. Use simple signs

You don’t have to go all the way to get that humongous billboard, as long as you can get the message to your potential customers, anything will be alright. Design a presentable label and put it on the sidewalk of the busiest street. You can add a list of the products or services you offer. I assure you not everyone will come but someone will. That will help you grow your small business. You could even make a statement and transform your business logo in to a bold neon sign to draw increased attention to your storefront.

  1. Local media

This is one of the most effective ways of advertising but it might only focus on the local people. If you have something different from the rest of the sellers and its actual news material, you might get the chance of a reporter sharing your idea with the world. However, you should note that reporters are always keen on what they report and they will never do promotional things. All in all, this will give you a chance for some free publicity.

  1. Use the customers you already have

Your customers might actually be the best ambassadors you will ever have. Give them the best of your products or services and your business will grow. Moreover, when your customers are pleased with your services, they will always come back for more.

Small business marketing is something you can do with just your customers. Try a referral system. Here, you give incentives to your customers when they refer other customers who actually end up buying. This will in turn result to an increase in your customer base.

  1. Study the competition

As you start your business, you should take time and study the competition from other related businesses. Through this research, you can use your small business marketing skills to improve the shortcomings of your rivals hence attracting more customers.

Learn what the competitors offer and how you can improve on it. Additionally, you can also learn from the customers what they like or don’t like. This will be more effective if you are planning to open a location-based small business.

Note down the results of your survey and the measures you want to take so that you can be able to differentiate your business from the competition.

  1. Word of mouth

Last but not least, there is nothing as powerful as a pleased customer. He or she will give a testimony of your services to the friends or family, therefore increasing your popularity. In the end, the new customers will want to try the experience if it was good. You should always strive to give the best at your small business. This will, in turn, improve your small business marketing hence increasing your customers.

Final thought

Small business marketing only requires strategies and an open mind. You can never say no to marketing because of the size of your business. Most of the above strategies work when implemented together so you have a long way to go but still you’ll get there.


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