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Looking Back: Teneo’s Latest Projects

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, but even in hard times, it’s important to remember the good that some have been able to accomplish. Beyond the company’s projects discussed below, Teneo’s Declan Kelly has led Coronavirus support efforts this year, including a concert in April with many global favorite artists.

Declan Kelly, as CEO and chairman of Teneo, has been able to direct the company towards other lucrative projects, including four that they completed in 2019. These successful endeavors, most completed in December 2019, include:

  • The Mount Isa Mine Tailings Dam Project: The Teneo team installed the first tailings dam on the Mount Isa Mines site, lining it with high-density polyethylene sheeting and a clay layer with geosynthetic properties.
  • The Cell 5B Gypsum Stack Project: Teneo was named principal contractor for this endeavor by Incitec Pivot. The Phosphate Hill Mine site was challenging because of its remote location, but they completed the geosynthetic system and the civil construction components on time and budget.
  • The Landfill Cell 5 Project: In Wyndham City, Teneo was hired as principal contractor to build Landfill Cell 5, which became the biggest single cell landfill in Victoria. The team required extra time to install the geosynthetic liners properly but managed to wrap it up by Christmas of 2019.
  • The Swanbank Stage 1B Cell 7 Project: Teno received its appointment from Remondis and got to work, adjusting pipework, civil earthworks, and liner interface in the cell. Additional innovations became necessary due to a live creek diversion, which threw off seasonal expectations and appropriate materials. Still, Teneo’s team changed and added techniques as necessary to finish the project on time.

As the world moves forward into a post-COVID era, it helps to know that some companies are still functioning and doing good for the people around them.


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