Top 5 Benefits of Blog Advertising

In recent years, the Internet has become home to the vast blogosphere; a network of blogs covering every subject imaginable. With thousands of new pieces of content popping up every day, this dynamic medium can be a great platform for business advertising. Rather than being overwhelming, the blogosphere offers business ads a easy way to reach a diverse audience. Read more

Google’s Feb 24 Changes And Blog Advertising

The February 24th change to Google’s search algorithm dropped the article directory sites that many website owners relied on to promote their content right out of most search engine results. Unfortunately, this caused many good websites relying on backlinks from article directories for promotion to suffer rank drops as well. Website owners who need search engines to send traffic to what they offer still have to get backlinks, but article directories are no longer the best place to start.

Why Contextual Backlinks Are Important

When you get links that point to your website, you have two options that will yield different levels of results. The first choice involves a stand alone link that simply points to your site with the site’s title or address listed as the name in a list or directory style area. These links can help your site a little bit, but they do not really tell a search engine your site is important. The better option for backlinks is setting a link somewhere inside a relevant blog post or review that is about something directly related to the subject or niche your website occupies. Read more

The Farmer Update and the Fall of Article Directories

Google, the most popular and most widely used search engine, gives users search results based off of an algorithm called PageRank. All else being equal, sites with a higher PageRank will perform better in the search engine results than sites with a lower one, so it’s obviously in your best interest to know how to increase the PageRank of your sites. One of the most popular and effective ways of improving the PageRank of a site is to point one-way links at it from other websites. This process is called link-building, and is an unavoidable necessity of modern search engine optimization.Recently, Google made a set of changes to the search algorithm that has been referred to as the “Farmer Update” by those in the industry. This update lowered the PageRank of many popular article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticlesBase. The Farmer Update jolted the Internet marketing industry because so many people were relying on these article directories for link-building. Now, hundreds of thousands of these links are worth much less than they were before Google changed the algorithm, and people are still trying to recover their losses. Read more

Finding Your Customers With Blog Advertising

It has been said that the best way to advertise to your clients is to engage them in a conversation. However, that isn’t possible unless you know what you customers are talking about. Many advertising firms will try and identify your ‘target customer’, and there is a good chance you’ve already done something along these lines. However, if you have a pretty good idea of what your customer is like, you might want to consider advertising where they read about their interests from fellow enthusiasts or like minded people. Blog advertising is a great way to advertise to your customers right where they spend a large chunk of contemplative time, and one of the best advantages to this kind of advertising is that there is content geared to just about any possible market. There are blogs about tiny niche interests such as favorite cereals or milkshake flavors. Read more

Why is Blog Advertising such a hot topic on the Internet?

Blog advertising is truly a hot topic within the internet advertising industry. Many people have turn out to be avidly interested in learning more about blog advertising.

A blog is really a web site that’s actually a system of connected pages (or rather posts) which are organized by date with the most recent post presented very first. Blog advertising is merely the marketing connected with a blog. These consist of banner ads, text ads, text links, and sponsored posts.

If you’re wondering why an web marketer would advertise on blogs there are several good factors.

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Blogging and Advertising – the New Market

Blogging and advertising go hand in hand in the new age of technology where the internet opens up more and more possibilities for making money from home – online. First of all, what is blog advertising? Simple, it combines blogging and advertising through various methods.

A blog is a term created from the words “web” and “log” and is a website that provides commentary on a subject. Matter of the subject is determined by the author. Since blogs are run by an individual they usually harbor some sort of bias although the opinions are what draw an audience. Most authors of blogs are ordinary people just venting their everyday life. They can be of any age, gender, occupation, or even location. Some may even be completely anonymous.

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How Blog Advertising Works for Internet marketers

How Blog Advertising Works? Since the advent of the Internet, Internet advertising has been very popular. Many companies, groups and businesses have taken exploit this opportunity and you can see displayed on each Web page you visit. Consumers can each search engine and type the keyword in relation to what you are looking for, then press search, and they are numerous, if they choose. It is a fast and cheap publicity.It is really easy for all Business-to-one personalized website, with which they promote, directly interact with the client more information about their products and services. Regular newsletter, discounts can be inserted on the ground, in the interest of website visitors.Indeed, it is easy to obtain any type of audience, with regard to any type of business; the possibility of abuse is still there. Based on this, Blog Advertising is a division into two types of advertising, law and online advertising online advertising is illegal. Read more

Bloggers are deciding to work with companies like Google

Google has created a massive infrastructure and network tailored towards attracting advertising with content. Combining Google and blog advertising make great sense; so much so, that Google has called its vehicle for advertising AdSense. Using this tool and other blogging techniques can generate valuable revenue.The term “blog” is an abbreviated version of “Web log”. It provides news, information and a communication forum for different ideas, concepts and opinions. Blogging has exploded in popularity. Technorati, an open source blog search engine, reported in its State of the Blogosphere 2008 that 95% of the top 100 newspapers have blog reporters. The comScore MediaMetrix firm estimated 77.7 million unique U.S. blog visitors in its August 2008 report. Blogging is a great communication platform. It has the potential to assist many newspapers in moving from “static brick-and-mortar journalism” to a more “vibrant continually updated information medium”. Read more

Blog advertising saved me!

I owe a company of cosmetic products that due to the financial crisis came very close to bankruptcy. I have to admit, i`ve never thought that blog advertising could help me in any way, and I was really suprised to see that the sales have significantly increased thanks to blog advertising!Since this company is still at the beginning, I didn`t have neither the time nor the money to expand it and open more shops all around the world, this is why most people are unaware of the existance of our products. We offer a large variety of high quality skin care and hair care products and this is why advertising is highly important when it comes to promoting and launching new products, keeping in mind the market competition. Read more

Advertising on blogs it`s becoming more and more used

Advertising on blogs it`s becoming more and more used by the brands that want to present and promote their products, taking advantage of the blog movement. In this way from which both the product companies and authors are getting benefits from the blog advertising: the companies launch products or services and the authors get paid for doing so, as well as increasing PageRank and the number of visitors.Other sites are now specialized in supplying companies with a broad range of blogs and ad types, making a fortune out of it. Writers are supposed to write their opinions or publish ads in multiple blogs regarding products or sites, show that they are interested in this and provide unique content in their blogs. In this way, they will get paid by companies but they will also earn some money thanks to pay-per-click and other services that are based on visitors. They offer payments via PayPal, using a blog marketing tool that allows them to pay bloggers to create content. Read more