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Are Business Directories Included in Your Marketing Strategy?

These days, the business world has become so competitive. To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to try different marketing strategies. Online businesses also go through the same. Most people assume that just by building and designing a website they have promoted their businesses.

However, you should consider how your website will reach your targeted audience. There are many marketing strategies you can use to boost your online business. Chief among them is by getting your website listed in a web directory.

Web directories are websites in which websites are listed for easy access by online users. However, before we discuss this venture, let’s take a look at how else you can market your online business.

  • You should consider personally branding yourself. The most successful online businesses have very successful leaders. Build your personal image online so that customers will get a picture of how credible your business is.
  • Market your content online. Have you ever asked yourself why the highest-rated websites have blog posts and article on different issues all over the internet? This is a means by which many internet users will read some of your articles and they will eventually visit your website to get an insight on the kind of services you are offering.
  • Social media marketing has become popular over the years. Social media networks boast of having more than a billion users who are potential customers. Make sure you frequently post on your social media pages to keep your customers on your toes on the services you provide. The downside of this marketing technique is that, let’s face it, out of
  • Try email marketing, that is, get as many users as possible to subscribe to your email service so that you can keep them updated on the services you are offering. This service is absolutely free and will be of great advantage to your business. However, avoid spamming at all costs.

We now have an understanding on how these strategies can be used to help you boost your online business.

We can now expound on how web directories are used and how they impact our online businesses. In the past, directories were only used to improve search engine optimization, in that, you only had to be listed on one and your website will have a better online visibility.

Nowadays, web directories are being used to market these websites to potential customers and they help in improving the content of your website. Here are some of the more specific functions a web directory is supposed to do;

  • They should give accurate and consistent website reviews. These reviews help gauge the quality of a website and its content. Search engines use these reviews to recognize and evaluate the rankings of different websites.
  • Provide forums where users can interact and ask questions concerning the different web listings in the web directories.
  • Using geographical data, web directories provide the precise location of your businesses if available and your contact information. This enables customers easily access your online business.
  • They offer niche categories which help group the different web listings in the directory. If you have an e-learning website, your website will be listed in the educational category where it will be easy for potential customers to access you and use your service.

Here are the benefits of using an online business directory to your online business:

It will help to amplify your online presence on the internet

If your business is listed on an online business directory, it will appear on other directories because they pull from the directory to gather more information about your business. This means that your online presence has grown tremendously making it easy for potential customers to locate you online. Also, getting listed on a web directory is highly cost-effective because you don’t have to pay to have your website listed.

Paying for the premium service is also cheap because it will act as an investment which will pay off soon enough. You do not have to pay an agency to advertise your website because the directory will do this for you. Make sure you claim and update your listings regularly in all the web directories so that the information in the internet remains consistent.

It will help you manage your website

Choose a web directory that offers more services other than improving your SEO. The best web directories look out for their users by frequently communicating with them. You will receive email alerts to remind you to update the content of your websites to prevent the traffic from stagnating. If you do not update this content, you will risk being removed from the directory. You will also receive details such as debugging reports which will help you secure your website from time to time. You do not have to hire a website management team to do all the work for you. By simply getting listed on a trusted web directory, you can work from the comfort of your home.

Online business directories can help you boost your local visibility

If you just started an online business, you will want to get noticed locally before deciding to expand your business. It is more advisable to get your website listed on a local business directory such as Google My Business. Your target audience will want to use a service that is within their vicinity because they will feel more reliable than the rest. Some directories will provide your contact information such as your phone number or your social media pages, so that you can interact with your potential customers and even set up meetings. Some web directories provide your precise location by generating a map which will help your customers visit your offices.

By using trusted web directories your credibility is increased

Many web directories may cause your website to get penalized because of inconsistencies and spam. Strive to get listed on web directories such as Aviva Directory and Jasmine Directory, which update their listings ever so often which improves the users’ confidence in them. A credible web directory will rub off on your website making it credible too. These web directories have customer reviews where customers explain their experiences while navigating through the web listings found in the directory. Many internet user trust these reviews and this will greatly influence their choices. Getting a good review is a nudge in the right direction.

Online business directories help to build your brand awareness

If you get listed on a trusted web directory, your website information will regularly be updated. This includes, your contact information, a description of your website, the titles and even adding images or animations. Once a user searches for information online, the search engine provides a list of results which are possible answers to their query. Each result has a brief description of the content found in the website and may even display images to show the contents of the website or the service provided. If it is attractive enough, the user will want to click on it just to get a glimpse of what is offered. Even if they click on something else, they will now be aware that another website serves the same purpose.

Online business directories help to boost your search engine optimization

SEO entails presenting your web content in such a way that enables search engines to recognize your website and rank it higher in search results. By getting listed on a trusted web directory, your website will have a higher chance of getting better traffic. Search engines check the quality of your content and the consistency of the resources, therefore, if you are listed on these directories, they will increase your rank.

By using online directories your reputation online is strengthened

Many online businesses fear to get negative reviews as they may affect traffic in their websites. However, having a mix of reviews will increase the confidence your customers have in your online business. We saw how the customer reviews improve your credibility but if your potential customers notice you get both negative and positive reviews, they take you to be genuine. You have no hidden motives so they will not mind seeking your service. Take the risk!

Online business directories will help you reach your target audience

Some businesses are not meant to cater for everyone. You may have an online business which connects farmers to small business owners in your community, it is not advisable to advertise your website in an education forum. A web directory will evaluate your website and place it in the proper category. A web directory that markets itself regularly will have a large traffic making your site easily noticeable. Users will search for an answer to a particular problem and if they use the directory, they will search for it in a particular category. Here, you will be able to reach as many users as possible.

There are many more benefits of using online web directories but they cannot all be listed in this article. These directories impact different users differently all of which are beneficial. Embrace the use of online directories to help you expand your business, though gradually, but efficiently.


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