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How To Create a Good Business Plan

If you want to launch a successful business, the first thing you need to do is design a solid business plan so you can provide your company with a stable foundation it can build upon. This business plan will serve as a blueprint for growth and ensure your startup continues to move in the right direction. It is also the best way to attract investors so you can secure the financing you need to operate a business. A good business plan will convince investors to take a chance on your company while a poor business plan will dissuade them. Here are four steps to creating a solid business plan.

Design a Product That Meets a Need in the Market

The product or service your company offers will serve as the backbone of the business. If the product doesn’t fill a need in the market, it won’t sell regardless of how good your business plan is. The point of a business plan is to help you supply your product or service to its target market so first identify how it is useful. The tech company ecoATM, for example, noticed that many people hold on to old and outdated electronics, cluttering up their homes. A Google search for “What is ecoATM?” reveals that the company solves this issue by providing kiosks where people can turn in their old devices. EcoATM offers cash for the electronics and then recycles them, keeping them out of landfills. This results in a win-win situation for everyone involved and provides a good model for an innovative product or service.

Research Your Competition

Once you have a good idea for a product or service, you need to know who your competition is. Know which other businesses exist that offer similar products. You also need a thorough understanding of how they do business so you can set your company apart from them. You need to make your business unique in some way so knowing what your competition has to offer is essential. Failing to learn this information leads to an incomplete business plan. Even if your product is so unique that you don’t currently have competition, it is a good idea to put safeguards in place so the problem doesn’t pop up suddenly. Patents are the best way to protect your product.

Make a Budget

All companies need financing, but whether you obtain the money you need through angel investors, crowdsourcing campaigns, venture capitalists of bank loans, you need to design a budget showing how you intend to spend the funding. Allot a certain amount to developing prototypes of building inventory. You may also want to use a portion of the money to cut manufacturing costs so you can increase your profits. You also need to allot a certain percentage of your budget to advertising.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Advertising is a crucial aspect of your business plan. While your marketing strategy will likely change over time as your business grows, you should have a basic structure in place to ensure that every strategy you use adheres to your company’s brand values. You can use any combination of the following strategies to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that will spread the word about your business.

  • Print advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • Email marketing

Creating a good business plan doesn’t have to be difficult. If you incorporate these four elements, you can be confident that your written business plan serves as a stable foundation that will guide your company in the right direction. A useful, marketable product or service will help you launch your startup successfully while defining your competition, budget and marketing strategy will guide sustainable growth so your company can thrive.



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