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  • Big-O
    Provides everything you need to know about computer science algorithms. Each algorithm comes with step by step instructions as well as implementations in languages such as Java, Python, C++, and more.

  • Javatpoint
    Provides tutorials, interview questions, quizzes and forum on various technologies such as Java, Android, Java Frameworks, Javascript, Ajax, Python, PHP and more.

  • Kapo Software
    Provides application integration software that can extract, transform, integrate & migrate data without APIs.

  • Programming Languages @Wikipedia EP
    Gives a basic definition of the term "programming languages" and a brief history of programming in general.

  • Ruby Programming Language
    An open source programming language created with increased simplicity in mind.

  • Stack Overflow EP
    A popular platform for developers where users can ask various programming related questions and other programmers may answer.

  • The CAD Depot EP
    It was one of the most popular CAD sites. Initially founded in 1994 as a trusted AutoCAD shareware sites, it was acquired in 2000 by TenLinks, Inc., and turned into an online CAD store in 2010. It used to offer AutoCAD AEC, AutoCAD Blocks, AutoCAD eBooks, AutoCAD LT, 3D and Web Publishing and more.

  • TSXperts
    Specialists in life-cycle management, for small and large test projects.

  • VCloud IVR Solutions
    Enterprise solutions maximize your company's opportunities to expand its reach and increase growth in unprecedented ways. Innovative, cloud-based programming and solutions in IVR products, Inside Sales, and ACD Call Centers remove existing limitations by reaching more customers, building relationships, and delivering remarkable experiences.

  • Velvetech
    Creates meaningful and understandable technical applications to develop your business.

  • Vironit EP
    A software development company providing full-stack services. Company's portfolio includes 500+ projects.

  • Anything3d EP
    Offers applet as a program written in the Java language that is incorporable in HTML pages.

  • Bizmosis
    Mobile application consulting and development company for cross-platform smartphone apps mobile development technology; Xamarin, Cordova, Sencha Framework.

  • Brainstorm EP
    This is an agency that specializes in web design and marketing. Based in Long Island. Provides both private and commercial services.

  • Code tricks EP
    Offers relevant details on data caching, input validation and ASP built-in functions. Addressing coders and programmers who are doing this in a professional manner.

  • Cookiecentral EP
    It features relevant information on internet cookies: what they are and how to stop them.

    Understandable C and C++ programming tutorials, compiler reviews, source code, tips and tricks.

  • Dev Articles EP
    This website focuses on various topics related to programming. It also offers programming, CSS and web design help.

  • Developer Tutorials EP
    Features tutorials on web development in order to provide a solid web development tutorial resource for any kind of developers.

  • Dictionary of Programming Languages
    This website is an extensive list of various programming languages. Each entry includes a description of the language, links to helpful sites, date the language was updated, and a sample of the language.

  • Dream in code EP
    This is a programming help community that features experts in C++, PHP, Visual Basic, HTMP, CSS, JavaScript and much more.

  • Hot scripts EP
    It features an internet directory that focuses on web programming resources for webmasters and such.

  • How Stuff Works EP
    Provides extensive information on internet cookies, privacy policy, tutorials and helpful resources.

  • Infoscripts EP
    Offers scripts resources and script directory for programmers, websmasters and such in a comprehensive manner.

  • Intertech EP
    Offers consulting, instruction, training and resources in order to aid users in uderstading technologies used in TFS.

  • Javascript Kit EP
    Provides multiple scripts, tutorials, tools, references and news related to the programming language.

  • JS made easy EP
    Features tutorials, resources, scripts and a forum. It also allows users to submit their own scripts.

  • Limitless innovations EP
    Provides plans, designs and online apps. Also, it offers advice on maximizing companies' internet technology.

  • Noemax EP
    Focuses on powerful communication components in order to simplify the development of flexible and scalable connected systems.

  • Planetsourceode EP
    Tackles PC topics such as visual basic, ASP, SQL Server etc. It also provides source coude, tutorials and help.

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Programming Web Directory

Programming continues to be an important and integral part of the computer world. Without programming, there wouldn't be much that you could do with a computer.

In fact, programming continues to be the foundation at which both computer hardware and software are built on, making operating systems, spreadsheet applications and even computer games possible. The World Wide Web exists largely thanks to the HTML protocol, a programming language developed in order to provide visual context to web sites and other materials on the Internet.

There are a variety of programming languages that are in use within the computer world. Many of these languages are distinct and most are utilized for different applications. C++, FORTRAN and Visual Basic are just some of the many languages that a programmer may have knowledge of or perhaps even used in the computer world. These languages are used in a vast array of applications, including nearly all software applications ranging from word processing and document creation to advanced software used in industrial, medical and financial industries.

Newer programming languages such as Sun Systems' Java and Adobe Flash's Actionscript are used to provide a working interface for most interactive web content.

Computer programming is what deals with the source code of computer programs. Every computer program has its source code which is found under the form of programming language. Modern programming has evolved a lot and nowadays more and more people become programmers because they do what the like and they get paid for it. However, programming (also reffered to as "Coding") is hard to learn and it may take a while until a programmer gets used to this environment. If you are fond of computer programming, you should know that a future programmer must have lots of spare time in order to do his job as he is supposed to.

Programming requires patience and seriosity, the final program that you aim to develop has to be reliable, efficient, portable and most of all, usable. Computer programming involves the writing of computer software, and the main jobs or a programmer usually involve integration, maintainance, debugging and compilation. Programming is seen as a stage in the software development process when it comes to software engineering. Basically, programming requires both hardware components and software in order to create applications that have the functions mentioned above.

If you are looking for information on programming, or perhaps if you are searching for a programmer, our web directory at can assist you in finding the information you are looking for. With our web directory service, looking for a quality programmer or simply more information about programming is easier and quicker than going through ordinary search engine results.

You will be able to get relevant and useful links without having to sift through search result after search result from ordinary search engines. For programmers, can become an effective directory for looking up more information on computer languages such as tutorials and technical support.