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What is a web directory?

A web index or link index is a directory on the (WWW) World Wide Web. It focuses in connecting to other sites and classifying those links.

A web directory is not a seek engine and does not exhibit lists of contacts founded on keywords; in its place, it catalogs sites by grouping and sub grouping. The majority web listings entries are not established by web crawlers but by people. The classification is typically based on the entire web site relatively than one page, and sites are frequently limited to addition in only a few groups. Web listings often allow site proprietors to present their site for addition, and have editors assess submissions for strength.


The main search engines are continually looking for new sites using spiders and mechanisms which dig within a popular web index on a day by day basis to get new associations and inform the information for that listing. Web directories are an immense and reasonable way to endorse and advertise your site.

All the admired web directories are sound structured in clusters and groupings depending upon the information or subject. This assists in optimizing the exploration process.

Getting your site listed in a list will also develop your link status. It is no furtive that an online industry needs a steady traffic flow of guests to the site to stay in productive. Quite frequently webmasters are not extremely clear about the significance of presenting the website to web directories. Do you know bulks of web list are indexed, this means that your site link would show up in the search shortly after it has been presented?

A web list provides transfer traffic to your website and many webmasters across the planet use these indexes to draw traffic to their sites as many directories give free presentation. Many also offer paid submissions with a characteristic link.

A well-liked SEO gracious directory you would appreciate is Dmoz. This index has a compilation of good value sites. Getting scheduled in Dmoz can bear out to be very difficult but if you do not try to get in you will not get in.

Is it worth the Investment?

Directories have diverse attributes in listing; often depending upon the cost paid for addition:

  1. Free presentation – there is no cost for the assessment and citation of the site
  2. Mutual link – a linkage back to the index must be put anywhere on the proposed website in order to get scheduled in the directory
  3. No shared link – a web index where you will propose your associations for free and no need to add linkage back to your site.
  4. Paid presentation – a one-time or inveterate charge is paid for evaluating/citing the presented link
  5. No follow – there is an aspect linked with the link, which implies seek engines will give no credence to the connection.
  6. Featured listing – the link is specified a quality location in a category (or numerous categories) or other segments of the index, like the homepage. Now and then called supported listing.
  7. Bid for place – where websites are prepared founded on the number of bids
  8. Affiliate links – where the list earns a charge for the customers who have been referred from the websites which have been linked in.

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