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How to Open an International Business Company in Seychelles

The favorable tax regime of Seychelles and the fast incorporation process of companies under complete privacy are only a few of the benefits related to the business environment in the insular state.

An International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles can be easily registered and represents one of the proper methods for investors in search of protecting their assets.

Main requirements for opening an IBC in Seychelles

The incorporation process of an International Business Company in Seychelles, also known as an IBC, is easy and can be made with the Registrar Companies in a fast and reliable manner. The Articles of Association are the only necessary documents for the registration of an IBC in Seychelles, under complete confidentiality, as the information about the owners and directors are not disclosed. Even if there are not that many conditions to set up an IBC offshore in Seychelles, one should consider that the shareholders of such entity cannot purchase any real estate property.

Also, an IBC must have a bank account opened in Seychelles. It is good to know that such entity must not have business activities in Seychelles if it is not in a partnership with another local company, but the good part is that it can own boats and airplanes registered in the insular state, as the main condition.

Taxation of IBCs in Seychelles

One of the main benefits of an IBC in Seychelles is that the generated profits of such business are not levied with any kind of tax. There are also no stamp duties imposed in the real estate field, if property transfers are made in Seychelles or abroad. Another business advantage in Seychelles is that IBCs are exempt from any kind of taxation for 20 years since the day of the registration.

The main criteria for opening an IBC in Seychelles

Seychelles is a tax-free jurisdiction and a respected destination for business among entrepreneurs who want to keep their assets under complete protection and privacy, by carrying out the activities outside the borders of the insular state. Even if an offshore in Seychelles is subject to a financial investigation made by Seychelles Revenue Office, there are particular conditions in which the identity of the owners and the overall business are completely protected, as there are no data disclosures accepted.

IBC offshores in Seychelles can be registered if certain criteria are met. For instance, the entrepreneurs must keep in mind that such business form is subject only to activities abroad if a license in this matter is issued. The gambling activities are not related to IBCs in Seychelles because it is not allowed to carry out such operations.

The benefits of opening an International Business Company in Seychelles

Without any concerns, Seychelles is a satisfactory jurisdiction for business because of the offshore companies which can be effortlessly incorporated. IBCs in Seychelles are enormously encouraged by the authorities who have shaped the appropriate business background to attract as many foreigners as possible. Having a transparent taxation system and legal framework allow entrepreneurs to direct their revenues in the insular state for protection among many others, without having to be obliged to write down their names or any related information when registering an offshore.

The flexible corporate structure of an IBC starts with no minimum share capital, and furthermore, this kind of organization acts like an independent and legal person with the same powers as a natural person. At the incorporation of an IBC, at least one shareholder and one director are necessary, and the best part is that the owner may also act like the manager of the offshore company.

Nominee shareholders and directors can be appointed in an IBC for a higher level of confidentiality in the business field. You should bear in mind that the name of the IBC in Seychelles must be first of all verified with the competent authorities because it is not allowed to have two offshore companies with the same name.

Since 2014, there are more than 70,000 offshore companies registered in Seychelles and still counting. The flexibility of how a business can be implemented in Seychelles stands at the base of the successful companies in the insular state with enormous potential and solid background.


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