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Benefits of Good Photography for Your Brand and Image

Author: Robert Gombos

Communication is the overriding factor for the success of any business. If you choose a perfect way of communicating your brand purpose to the prospects, the better and the more successful your business will be. Visual communication is the most important in selling your product or service. Thus, photography has become more important and many brands are now investing a good portion of their marketing budget to ensure that there is perfect photography. According to studies, visuals are able to increase the audience’s interest in your business content by 80%.

Follow through and see more reasons why photography is key to your brand’s image.

Photographs grab the reader’s attention faster

Research has shown that the human brain interprets the images that the eye sees in less than 13 milliseconds- this is quite a rapid processing speed. When it comes to marketing your business, the photographs will easily grab the attention of your prospects and this could register much more customers compared to any other medium. It attracts the right customers, directs them to the offering, and makes the encounter memorable. Thus if you want to pull traffic to your site or your physical shop, try some perfectly done photographs and see how impactful it can be.

Photography increases brand engagement

Visuals are a lot easier to consume and relate compared to texts. In fact, photos are very efficient when used in social media- think about Instagram for instance and how much you could sell on this platform using photos alone. If you want to engage customers to your brand, images are known to be the perfect means. Studies show that there is more customer engagement on campaigns that use photos on social media than the ones that don’t. If you want to make a substantial cut among the competition, use strong visual brands.

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Photography can portray your brand a certain way

The way your brand is perceived by potential customers and clients is critical when doing business. Depending on your industry, you may want to be seen as corporate and professional, or caring and concerned, or fun and happy. Hiring a photographer for your personal branding is an investment that all companies should look at. Especially if they have a specific image they want to portray.

Photos evoke emotions

Consumers, especially online users are very emotional, and photography has proven to be a perfect tool for evoking those emotions. Most buyers make their purchases under the influence of emotion and therefore the more your campaign appeals to their emotion, the easier for you to sell. Ensure that the photography matches the tone of your brand. For instance, if the tone is comical, your visuals should portray the same. Advertising legend Robert Collier believed proved time and time again that advertisements that touched readers’ emotions were more successful than ads that only touched the intellect.

Photography creates desirable impression

First-time impressions are very important in business. Consumers would tend to trust a brand whose photography looks professional and established. This is what brings about valuable relationships, which ultimately lead to an increase in sales. If your image is one of disorganization or unprofessional-ism, potential buyers are likely to look elsewhere. A professional brand photographer can ensure you tell the right story that appeals to your target market.

Photos improve understanding

When you are communicating your brand to the consumers, it is important to use a language that they would easily understand and identify with. Photography is the language that cuts across cultures, by perfectly matching your products/ services with the brands tone and thus sending a clear message.

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Photos go viral

As a business owner, you’d want to communicate to as many people as possible. The best way to ensure that it trends on social media is to ensure that you use visuals. This improves the engagement and therefore the audience shares to different communities and thus building brand credibility and customer loyalty.

Look for a good photography company that will get you perfect photos that you can use to communicate your brand message. This will enhance the brand engagement, and you’ll be surprised how much you could sell in a short span.


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